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The Bank Behind Women In Business

SPONSORED: Female-led enterprises in South Africa are on a steady rise, creating countless job opportunities where before there were none. It is undeniably important for us to work together with women to help grow and support their businesses, to ensure their long term and sustainable success.

Every successful business woman needs a bank that believes in her dreams, and FNB offers a wide range of banking solutions to start, manage and grow female-led businesses effectively in South Africa so that dreams can become reality.

In South Africa the entrepreneurial landscape is still very much led by men, with only 34% of small and medium enterprises (SMEs) being female-led*. More recently there has been a positive change in cultural perceptions around female entrepreneurs. However, the need to address the challenges of social and gender equalities is still of utmost importance, as we strive forward to break down the systematic barriers, limited access to funding and resources that hinder the success of female-led enterprises in South Africa.

Finding the right funding and knowing the right questions to ask is a challenge in itself. There are so many financial models to take into consideration. Each business, at each stage of its lifecycle, is going to attract different type of investment.

We understand it’s all very confusing and more importantly we recognise the need for effective and efficient banking solutions to tackle the problems faced by women in business – innovative solutions that speak to the need, whilst considering the numerous challenges that are unique to women in business. 

By partnering, supporting, and collaborating with women in business we can be a part of the journey to their successes, and continue to positively influence the communities which surround them. 

As a leading bank for Small Medium Enterprise’s throughout South Africa and Africa, FNB offers a set of rich and diverse tools including educational content and initiatives to help women start, grow, and manage their businesses efficiently. Leapfrogging women in business over the traditional norms which have hindered the success of women in business for generations.

Some of our award-winning innovative solutions include the easy-to-use FNB App which help our customers manage their businesses on the move; eBucks, which can be used to pay for business necessities; affordable insurance products to protect businesses; a range of cash investment solutions that speak to individual business goals; access to short-, medium- and long-term funding and nav» Marketplace to help female-led enterprises, grow their real estate, home and professional services businesses with free app tools and exposure of up to 3 million potential new customers.

Fundaba is an interactive educational platform available on the FNB app for free. Fundaba offers 12 modules for entrepreneurs to help them start, grow, and run their businesses. Fundaba is designed so that business skills and lessons learnt can be easily applied and rolled out through their business. 

The FNB Women in Business Propeller, is an innovative platform which enables women in business to come together and proactively collaborate. Enabling them to create an environment where a wide variety of problems can be addressed, and solutions can be formulated. Through collaboration women in business can continue to move forward and overcome the various challenges they might encounter at different stages in their business Lifecyle.

Recognising and supporting the potential of women’s business in South Africa represents a major opportunity for socioeconomic growth, by creating countless employment opportunities in an environment where female-led positions are scarce. 

Female-led micro, small and medium enterprises are a force to be reckoned with, when it comes to the growth and development of the communities around them and the larger South African economy. That’s why FNB Business will continue to strive forward to help these businesses grow by partnering and providing women in business with the necessary tools they require to ensure their businesses to continue to thrive for years to come.

Contact your FNB banker or visit your nearest branch or our website to get the help you need to start, grow and manage your business.

*Survey conducted by Facebook in partnership with the World Bank and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD). Source: SME South Africa.

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