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Sunday Times Healthy Times

Sunday Times Healthy Times

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Your Best Holiday Yet

Sometimes it feels as if we do holidays wrong; we arrive home tired, overweight and unfit. Tamara Oberholster finds out how to make your next holiday do what it’s supposed to do: leave you feeling revitalised and ready to take on the world.

Teens – Get Money Smart

You are young, full of energy and life has countless possibilities. “Now is the perfect time to get smart about money because what you do now will have long-term positive effects on your life,” says Alfred Ramosedi.

Friendship, Faith And Fun

Bob and Eucharist Mabena on what makes love last.

Determined To Quit

On 31 May we celebrate World-No-Tobacco Day. It is intended to encourage a 24-hr period of abstinence from all forms of tobacco consumption around the world.

More Than Just The Winter Blues?

Shining some light on Seasonal Affective Disorder.

Strategies For A Strong, Stable Spine

You can’t really ‘grow a backbone’, so look after your spine, says Georgina Guedes.

Winter Colour

Winter-flowering shrubs are the ideal pick-me-up for dreary winter gardens, writes Karien Slabbert.

Design Your Smile

One of the simplest ways to knock years off your appearance is to brighten your smile. Mandy Collins finds out what your options are.

To Dye For

Awareness of the dangers of chemical hair dyes is growing and its good to know that there are natural alternatives. Cath Price of Love My Hair gives you the low-down on what to look out for.

Eyecare Basics

Eye health isn’t something to be taken lightly. Zaza Motha offers some information to help you face the facts.


Healthy Times, a Sunday Times initiative is published twice a year as a stand-alone title in a glossy format and distributed with the Sunday Times to 70 000 subscribers on 22nd May and 23rd October 2016.

Fresh, modern, informative and inviting Healthy Times provides balanced and integrative editorial, focused on ways to improve our quality of life as well as of those around us.


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Press Room

Youth Debt Crisis – A Cause For Concern

Based on these stats, the Credit Ombud office recently carried out a survey with 250 young people and confirmed there is indeed reason for concern.

Primary Healthcare

Pandemic outbreaks in emerging markets have a severe socio-economic toll.

Wisepill Technologies Develops Innovative Pill Box

New hope for TB patients with Wisepill’s “smart pill box” aimed for distribution in China, India and Africa.

Smoking: A Major Cause Of Bladder Cancer

Smoking is a major contributor to bladder cancer which affects both men and women and is often detected by blood in the urine, according to a leading South African urologist.

“Check Your Prostate From 40″ – Top SA Urologist

Men with a family history of prostate cancer should have prostate examinations from the age of 40, says a top SA urologist.

Promoting Health With Life Style Changes And Natural Medicine

In May 2017 the South African Society of Integrative Medicine is hosting the first Pan African Integrative Conference.

New Clinic Does Free Circumcision

The Man Up! And get circumcised campaign along with a new centre in Wynberg will go a long way to improving men’s health.

Cassava Flour

We got in touch with Valeska Heydenrych, owner of Health Riot, and asked ten vital questions that we think our readers should know about Cassava Flour.

The TEARS Mission & Vision

TEARS Animal Rescue (The Emma Animal Rescue Society) is one of the country’s leading organisations; its mission is to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home domestic animals, as well as provide veterinary services to local communities.

Preserving Your Medical Aid Savings Account

Ann Streak, senior specialist at Alexander Forbes Health gives some advice for medical aid members looking to preserve their medical aid savings account.

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