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Rock Surf & Deep


Destination Three Kings Island

After a mind-blowing trip to the Three Kings Islands off the north coast of New Zealand in 2016, I had no choice but to revisit the rich waters around these islands again in 2017.

Not Just Another Fish Braai

Nick Pike’s game is on with smoked spotted grunter on rye.

Shore Angling Southern Angola

Nathan Broedelet explains the richness of southern Angola’s coastline and all it has to offer.

Included in the October/November 2017 RSD!


Rock and Surf focuses on all aspects of saltwater angling, including reviews of new equipment and established brands. Destinations will cover different areas from month to month, providing informative features on specific lodges and species angling.

Off Shore takes a look at boating. Here we feature new vessels and tackle tests to aid the angler with product-related queries.

Jet- and paddle-ski is a product-related section centred around a different style of angling that is taking our country by a storm!

Drop-shot, vertical jigging and plugging offers detailed information on imported and locally manufactured products.


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