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Smoked Trout

Get ready to taste one of the best dishes you'll ever eat – smoked trout roulade filled with cream cheese and dill.

If you’ve never enjoyed this roulade before, you can now make it at home with Dean Dickinson’s quick and easy recipe.

Yields: 4 portions

Preparation: 45 minutes – No cooking required


100g packet of smoked trout

150g plain cream cheese

30g of Dijon mustard

30g honey

10g pink salt

5g ground pepper

One 30g packet of fresh dill: chopped

One lemon: juiced and zested

One cucumber: thinly sliced

One punnet (about 300g) blueberries

One punnet cherry tomatoes

For the dressing

30g honey

60ml olive oil

60ml lemon juice and 1/4tsp lemon zest

10g pink salt

5g ground pepper

One 30g packet of fresh dill – chopped

Method: Roulade 

(You should have enough smoked trout to make two roulades).

Use 40cm (in length) of cling film. Place the smoked trout on the cling film lengthwise until you have around 20cm in width laid out. Add chopped dill with 30g of mustard and 30ml honey to the cream cheese. Zest the lemon and add it to the cream cheese – mix until even. Spoon the mixture onto the trout and use the cling film to form a roulade around the trout (the same way you would role a maki roll when making sushi). Twist the ends of the cling film to seal the end of the roulade and place it in the fridge to cool down and set. This will make cutting easier. While the trout is setting, start slicing the cucumber. To add a colour contrast when you assemble the dish, cut the first half of the cucumber with the peal; and the second half without.

Method: Dressing

Whisk the honey, lemon juice, mustard and olive oil together with a pinch of pink salt and ground black pepper and add some chopped dill to make the dressing.

Final touches

To assemble the dish place the cucumber slices in a circle and then add the blueberries and cherry tomatoes with the basil leaves. Cut the roulade in half with a wet sharp blade and place it in the center of the plate. Finish it off with a couple of spoons of dressing garnish and with
a sprig of dill… and enjoy.

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