Logistical Learning

The supply-chain industry requires a great breadth of evolving skills. Trevor Crighton investigates how local businesses and institutions are shaping up to provide these skills.

Innovative Solutions To Complex Problems

The latest technologies – from AI to IoT – are working their way into the mainstream and will fundamentally change the logistics business, thanks to their impact on transport and maintenance. Rodney Weideman sizes up the implications.

A Long And Winding Road

The freight and logistics industry offers unique opportunities for small businesses to grow and develop.

Faster, Better, Cheaper

Advances in technology have radical implications for every step of the supply chain, as Caryn Gootkin discovers.

Image: BMW Logistics

REITS Lead SA’s Logistical Land Revolution

Market capitalisation of the South African real estate investment trust sector has risen from under R80bn in 2008 to about R400bn today – and warehousing and logistical developments have contributed significantly to that increase. Trevor Crighton gets real.

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Going The Distance

Road safety is a big concern in South Africa – and even more for truckers who spend all their working hours on the roads. Georgina Guedes tells us how the industry is using technology to make time on our highways safer for all drivers.


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Freight, Logistics & Warehousing

Freight, Logistics & Warehousing Geographically, South Africa is perfectly positioned to be considered a significant player within the global freighting, logistics and warehousing industry. With this in mind, the Freight, Logistics & Warehousing magazine will help statutory regulators, infrastructure owners, policy-makers, economic planners and industry players to make informed decisions around the growth of this… Read more »

Under Pressure

Along with the rest of South Africa, freight and logistics companies are challenged to transform. Are they ready for change? Lisa Witepski looks at how far they’ve come.

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Moving In All Directions – Fast

Anthony Sharpe looks up and down the supply chain at key trends and technologies that are changing the face of freight.

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Making The Moving Scene Green

Eco experts share best practices to turn environmental challenges into opportunities for growth. Susan Reynard reports.

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Additional Learning Urgently Required

In a dynamic sector underpinned by innovative technology and growing markets, a skilled workforce is key. This remains a challenge for supply management companies, writes Lisa Witepski.

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Vigilance & Wisdom

Increasing focus on cost and pressure on margins are forcing freight and logistic companies to become more flexible, writes Caryn Gootkin.

Image: ©Shutterstock - 300720026

Working Smarter

Making the most of your workforce requires motivation and constant training. Anthony Sharpe levels up.