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Food Basket

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When There Is Just Not Enough

Many South Africans are dependent on help to meet basic nutritional needs, writes Lungelo Shezi.

Urbanisation And Food Security: The Fat Truth

Caroline de Kock explains why urban South Africans are getting fatter, while others go hungry.

The Benefits Of GM

Genetically modified foods have never been popular with consumers, but perhaps science is changing opinions, writes Sahil Lala.

Down On The Smartfarm

A new wave of ‘agritech’ is helping farmers to improve yields and cope with the effects of climate change. But more needs to be done, says Carolyn de Kock.

Counting The Cost Of Calories

Many experts believe Africa is facing an obesity crisis. If this is true, asks Nick Cowen, how can we make healthy food affordable?

What Have We Learned From The Drought?

Lungelo Shezi looks at how the drought in southern Africa has affected food security, and what lessons we can take into the future.

Can Land Reform Feed South Africa?

President Jacob Zuma is talking tough about radical land redistribution and the expropriation of farms. But if redistribution is not well targeted, it may threaten food security and benefit elites in rural areas, reports Michelle Nel.

Food Security – A Consumer’s Perspective

What do we mean by food security, and why is it important in South Africa? Adam Oxford looks at the issue.

Improving The Supply Chain

Logistics are an integral, but often overlooked, part of food security. Megan Ellis looks at how we can get food from field to shelf more effectively.

Parmalat’s Phuma Phambili Assists Township Startups

The Parmalat Phuma Phambili programme, initiated in 2015, aims to work with emerging fast food and retail businesses as a business enabler, giving these township startups a much-needed competitive advantage.


Food Basket is a slightly bigger than standard A4 size biannual publication that succinctly tackles practical and important issues around food access, food utilisation and food availability in South Africa.

Key focus areas:

  • Agriculture and manufacturing
  • Supply chain processing
  • Food science and technology
  • Packaging and distribution
  • Retail and FMCG
  • The impact of food waste
  • The changing role of business


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International Recognition For Parmalat Matured Gouda

Parmalat won two prizes at the prestigious 2017 World Cheese Awards (WCA)* in London where more than 3000 cheeses from across the world were judged.

Parmalat Yoghurt Is The Coolest

Parmalat Yoghurt has been named as the ‘Coolest Yoghurt Brand’ in the 2017 Sunday Times Generation Next youth survey.

Delicious And Nutritious

Milk is delicious and nutritious and milk products naturally provide nine essential nutrients for normal growth and for the maintenance of good health. Calcium, protein, potassium, Vitamin A, Vitamin B12, Phosphorus and Niacin are some of the nutrients found in milk.

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