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Let It Flow

Lungelo Shezi investigates how the City of Joburg is making water more accessible to poor households.

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Read The Label

Is processed food really unhealthy for you, and if so what can be done to make it healthier? Brendyn Lotz explores the matter.

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A Fish Fight In Hout Bay

Residents of Hangberg have been protesting over proposed fishing restrictions, but is there more to the tensions than the number of lobsters a fisherman can catch? Brendyn Lotz investigates.

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Finding Solutions To Food Waste

What are some South Africans doing to make sure good food doesn’t go to waste? Nick Cowen takes a look.

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The Unexpected Economic Star

Against the backdrop of a stagnant economy, agriculture was largely responsible for helping South Africa pull itself out of recession in September. Michelle Nel looks at why.

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Let It Flow

Lungelo Shezi investigates how the City of Joburg is making water more accessible to poor households.

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Prevention Is Better Than Cure

What lessons can be learned from the worst dry spell southern Africa has experienced in decades, asks Tremaine van Aardt.

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5 New Agritech Start-Ups In Africa

Entrepreneurs across Africa are using technology to create sustainable solutions to some of the biggest problems faced by the agricultural sector, writes Lungelo Shezi.

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Playing With Your Food

CRISPR-Cas9 gene splicing is set to revolutionise genetic engineering when it comes to crops. But how is it likely to affect food supply? Sahil Lala investigates.

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As Food Prices Rise, So Does Food Poverty

Statistics SA says food poverty in South Africa is on the rise. Nick Cowen looks at the causes.

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An Equitable Future

Ownership of land is a touchy subject in South Africa. But one permaculture project in the Eastern Free State is giving hope to rural farming communities, as Samantha Clair Bezuidenhout discovers.

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Not A Drop To Drink

The Western Cape still faces mounting water shortages and the challenges that come with that. Lungelo Shezi investigates.




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