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ICT In Education Making Tech Work In The Classroom

When it comes to IT in education, the question which is often overlooked is “what has the most impact?”

Growing Wellness

Soundbites abound when big companies talk big. When it comes to the public’s health and wellness, do they walk the talk? Babalwa Shota reports.

Starving Off Hunger Gets Harder

With about 12 million South Africans unsure as to where their next meal will come from it’s good to know that some of the country’s businesses are contributing to improved food security and nutrition through various feeding schemes.

Corporate Support For Sport

Sport can help to create a winning nation, and corporate investment could well be the key ingredient for such success. Mwangi Githahu reports.

The Value Of Public-Private Partnerships

With the growth of private sector investment in Africa’s public infrastructure, public-private partnerships have emerged as the favoured vehicle for infrastructure projects, particularly in the energy and transport sectors.

Drought And Water Scarcity

According to United Nations Water, as many as 1.6 billion people, or almost one quarter of the world’s population, are facing water shortages and drought conditions. Puseletso Mompei takes an in-depth look at this global phenomenon and how it is affecting South Africa.

Helping Rugby Score

Programmes that support rugby not only help expedite transformation, but can also change lives, writes Penny Haw.

CSI And Brands: A Natural Synergy

Phakama Mbonambi investigates how brands linked with social causes inspire positive socio-economic change.

Healthy Living: Growing Wellness

Soundbites abound when big companies talk big. When it comes to the public’s health and wellness, do they walk the talk? Babalwa Shota reports.

Thriving Communities, Thriving Businesses

Denise Mhlanga investigates what happens when businesses turn their CSI programmes into shared-value initiatives.


Published annually and inserted into South Africa’s most trusted business publication – the Sunday Times Business Times – and distributed to 70 000 Business Times subscribers nationally in October 2015, CSI acts as a platform for companies in South Africa to showcase their CSI projects.

Topics which will come under the spotlight include:

  • Development sectors supported
  • New CSI models and fresh perspectives
  • The business case for CSI
  • Sustainable solutions
  • CSI funding
  • Sustainable social upliftment with business relevance
  • Entrepreneurial skills development with training programmes, and partnerships with Government
  • NGOs and beneficiaries


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SA’s First Homegrown Social Impact Thought-Leadership Community

Since January 2017, Nation Builder has hosted 15 co-lab panels involving more than 80 people representing over 70 businesses, consultancies and NPOs, with more than 30 hours of time invested in sharing knowledge, brain storming, learning and networking.

Nation Builder Launches New Online Peer Learning Community

Nation Builder’s expert co-labs result in the launch of SA’s first free social investment online Peer Learning community.

Nearly 7 Million South Africans Give To Good Causes

Nearly 7 million South Africans give to good causes, according to the CAF World Giving Index, the leading measure of global generosity.

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