National Municipal Benchmarking Initiative For Water Services

Water security is one of the most tangible social, political and economic challenges faced by communities across the globe today. Shantalie Hewavisenti discusses the MBI with William Moraka.

Celebrating 20 Years Of Democracy

As South Africa reflects on the past two decades of its democracy, it is time to take stock of both the country’s achievements, outlined in the recent 20- Year Review, as well as the challenges that lie ahead. Katherine Graham interviewed four previous SALGA chairpersons to glean their insights on the accomplishments made in the sphere of local government.

Reviewing The Audit Process

Municipal leaders share their views on the municipal audit process. ILZE HUGO reports.

Think Independently, Invest In Skills

Former Black Management Forum (BMF) president Professor Wiseman Nkuhlu bemoans the fact that 20 years into democracy South Africa still has not embarked on a massive skills upliftment programme aimed at deepening the professional skills required to transform the economy.

Back To The Blueprint

Themba Dlamini is the new MD of the BMF. Describing himself as diligent, decisive and an honest leader, he has the task of leading the organisation forward in its quest to improve the country’s transformation statistics. Less than two months into the job, he talks agenda with African Leader editor, Thando Pato.

Design Methodologies In Informal Settlements

TODAY MEGACITIES IN developing countries feature the world’s highest rates of population growth, which causes modernisation islands to stand next to largescale informal urban settlements. In these informal territories, a deep concentration of poverty and social problems co-exists with social and economic dynamics, creative initiatives and a sense of urbanity. Taking into account that currently Read More

A Landscape Approach To Architecture

THE FOLLOWING PROJECTS explore an approach to design where architecture is seen as landscape. The site is seen as the constant, the architecture is less permanent (in the greater scale of time), but the success of the relationship is determined by how well the architecture allows the user to enjoy the natural amenity offered by Read More

House Johannesdal, Pniel- Architecture In Place

WE ARE SO FAMILIAR with our natural landscape we tend to take for granted its variety and its raw uncovered magnificence – until we meet foreigners gasping at it.