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Clean Matters

Keeping our homes clean is at the forefront of all our minds. We share six tips to keep your space germ-free during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By: Shereen Lurie

Regularly clean your countertops

“Use dishwashing liquid and water for daily cleaning of your surfaces. For more stubborn marks, use the Caesarstone cream cleanser and a non-scratch sponge, wiping in large circular motions. Rinse the surface with water afterwards to remove any residue. For extra shine on our polished surfaces, follow up with a window cleaner, such as Windolene, wiping the surface dry with kitchen paper towels. Follow up daily cleaning by wiping your surfaces with alcohol wipes for added protection after you return from shopping and unpacking your groceries and other essential items.” – Megan Noel, PR manager, Caesarstone SA

Go for antimicrobial-fibre blinds

“Style meets safety with Taylor’s extensive range of antimicrobial-fibre blinds. Whatever your need, we have a chic, contaminant-safeguard blind to match. Our blinds transition with ease, play in harmony with the space’s natural light and prioritise your well-being. Book a virtual sales consultation and we’ll help you to find the best fit for your space. They’re easy to clean, easy to erect and as added hygiene convenience, they’re easy to motorise too. This means you don’t have to touch any part of the blind, not even the pull cord. Quite literally, you don’t have to lose sight of what’s important.” – Kate Mederer, marketing, Taylor Blinds & Shutters

Ensure your product is effective 

“Always check to see if your cleaning products have the SABS mark permit and the NRCS approval and labelling on the product to make sure it’s 100% effective against COVID-19 or other viruses and that its ingredients are not hazardous.” – Burt Rodrigues, CE, Biodx

Follow instructions 

“It’s also essential to check the product’s instructions to make sure you’re not leaving yourself vulnerable to infection. Each product has slightly different directions on usage, particular regarding dilution and the length of time it lasts on surfaces. And remember that you may lose some efficacy if you put disinfectant on a surface that hasn’t been properly cleaned beforehand.” – Burt Rodrigues, CE, Biodx

Incorporate handle-less solutions

“Handleless solutions allow you to use other parts of your body to open and close cabinetry, such as your elbow, hip or knee. This way your kitchen cabinetry can be kept free from hands and will reduce the amount of cleaning required. With Blum’s SERVO-DRIVE uno for the bin drawer, you can use your knee to open the drawer when you arrive home after shopping and drop your dirty gloves and mask straight into the bin without using your hands.” – Ashley Howarth, national sales manager, Blum South Africa

Declutter your kitchen

“The fewer items you have out on countertops and shelves, the less they are exposed to dirt and germs. Tidy up often and optimise your storage by organising the space available. Using inner-dividing systems for drawer interiors your utensils can be neatly arranged and easily accessed.” – Ashley Howarth, national sales manager, Blum South Africa

This article originally appeared on SA Home Owner.

Image: ©iStock - 1219707254

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