Managing ADHD Holistically

Managing ADHD doesn’t mean just relying on prescription medication; therapy, diet and certain natural health supplements can also help to reduce symptoms. By Lynne Gidish.


With COVID-19 seemingly here to stay, here’s some expert advice on how to deal with the ongoing psychological impact of this pandemic. By Lynne Gidish.

Tackling Lockdown Loneliness

With the war against COVID-19 best fought when we socially distance and 80 000 self-isolate, it’s hardly surprising that loneliness is on the increase right now. By Lynne Gidish.

Don’t Get Seasonal Blues

Different seasons in our lives, holidays included, can be stressful. Caryn Gootkin talks to Cassey Chambers of SADAG to find out more about how it affects our mental health.

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Keeping Healthy Through The Ages

Anthony Sharpe turns his head to the right, coughs, and takes a serious look at how men can stay healthy from their 20s through to their 60s and beyond.

Staying Active In Winter

When it’s cold, it’s easier to chill and watch telly with a bag of popcorn than it is to work out. Tamara Oberholster looks at why it’s worth getting active and how to keep motivated.