Buying Local Stimulates Economic Growth

Buying local may well be the answer not only to various COVID-19 challenges, but also to stimulating job creation and economic growth, writes Denise Mhlanga.

Unlocking Youth Potential

Corporate South Africa is working with the government to tackle youth unemployment in South Africa — one job at a time, writes Trevor Crighton.

Closing The Gap

Infrastructure challenges and opportunities.

Megatrends, Opportunities And Challenges In Automation

The Eskom challenges could take up to 30 months to sort out, impacting underground mining, manufacturing and automation, said economist, Mike Schüssler. However, there are still opportunities amid the current challenges.

A Call To Prioritise Biofuels For Aviation In SSA

It’s estimated that by 2050, global aviation could account for over 22% of all global carbon dioxide emissions due to rapid growth in air traffic – and with limited operational and aircraft design options for reducing emissions, there is a need for more low-carbon fuels.

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Steel’s Global Growth

Stagnation forecast for SA.

The YES Generation

The president weighed in to launch a training programme that promises one million youth jobs in three years. But is that even possible? Tiisetso Tlelima investigates.

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An Electrifying Future

The transport sector faces a massive shake-up in the next couple of decades. Electric cars will come to the fore and things like the internet of things and self-driving vehicles will reshape the face of the industry.

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Transport Infrastructure Remains A Chief Vehicle For Economic Growth

For any country, transport infrastructure networks are some of the most important assets it can have – not only in pure monetary value, but also the socio and economic gains that the transportation of people, goods and services brings.

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The Black Management Forum Annual Corporate Update Gala Dinner 2018

Ethical leadership as a catalyst for transformation and inclusive economic growth.

5 Things You Didn’t Know Were Made In SA

Clinton Matos goes in search of globally recognised products and services that are as local as Mrs Balls.