Advice Is A No-Brainer

Business consulting has always been a broad term, but the huge changes to strategies, operations and technologies brought about since early 2020, now make it crucial,
writes Rodney Weidemann.

Protecting Africa From Disease, Today And Tomorrow

South African groups are establishing a vaccine technology transfer hub, writes James Francis, a step that will help Africa take charge of vaccine supplies during current and future epidemics.

Modernising The Sector Post-Covid-19

As it rebounds, the material handling and equipment sector has more reason to digitise, writes James Francis.

FAW Trucks Receives Silver Award In Latest NADA DSI Survey

 In what has proven to be a record-setting year thus far, FAW Trucks once again has reason to celebrate after receiving a Silver Award in the 2021 NADA Dealer Satisfaction Index (DSI) survey.

Reaching Today’s Customer

The pandemic catalysed emerging communication trends into broad acceptance, writes James Francis.

Making Her Mark In Medicine

Dr Mathobela Matjekane of CliniMed in the Western Cape is a committed community-oriented medical practitioner. She talks about her passion for medicine, her experiences, what motivates her and the challenges she has faced.

Rhodes University And Makhanda Circle Of Unity Dispel Vaccine Myths Through Youth Chat Initiative

Rhodes University and the Makhanda Circle of Unity hosted a youth chat about the COVID-19 vaccine and vaccine myths on 8 September 2021.

Coping With The New School Day

Lisa Witepski looks at what preparing your child for “big school” looks like today.

Low Quintile Schools Struggling Due To Pandemic

Some of the most profound impacts of COVID-19 have been the closure of schools, the inability to continue regular on-site coaching of teachers, and monitoring programme implementation on the ground.

Workers’ Compensation

A vital benefit at every workplace.

A Lifeline To Normality

SPONSORED: DSV helps save lives and livelihoods by distributing Covid-19 vaccines – as we learn to live with the virus.

Hybrid Working Conditions – The Best Of Both Worlds

SPONSORED: Fareez Joulay, Creative Director at Eclipse Communications, discusses the advantages of a hybrid working model and how to implement it.

Rev Up Your Immune System

COVID-19 still very much present, and with the current change of season, we need to strengthen our immunity to stay healthy, writes Lynne Gidish.

The COVID-19 Gender Divide

While everyone is affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, women, particularly poor women, are bearing the brunt of economic and social challenges. Thando Pato finds out why.

Minerals Council Notes Timely Cabinet Reshuffle

Welcomes appointments in economic cluster.

Workers’ Compensation

SPONSORED: A vital benefit at every workplace.

Krugersdorp: An Evotel Success Story

SPONSORED: Fibre has become the buzzword when it comes to the internet over the past couple of years. It has become the fastest and most recognised way to connect to the World Wide Web and is the most affordable for the speed and reliability that it offers.

Buying Local Stimulates Economic Growth

Buying local may well be the answer not only to various COVID-19 challenges, but also to stimulating job creation and economic growth, writes Denise Mhlanga.

Mining Sector Workplace Vaccination Sites Gearing Up To Support National Vaccination Roll-Out

The Minerals Council has continued to work closely with Business for South Africa (B4SA), and through it the National Department of Health (NDoH), towards the establishment of workplace vaccination sites.

Sustainable Businesses: Future-Proofing Your Business

The pandemic has shown that companies should be more resilient. But how, asks James Francis.