Dreaming Big

A review of an authoritative book on the 27th Sophia Gray Memorial Lecture, and a call for a fuller record of the occasion and its surrounding events.

Inspired Leadership In Architecture

To achieve any architectural form requires leadership.

A Note From SAIA: A Focus on Stakeholders

SAIA CEO Obert Chakarisa gives his input on member concerns and encourages both academic and professional initiatives from the architectural community.

Debating the Role of Architecture in SA

Marianne de Klerk reflects on the debate surrounding architecture’s role in South Africa. The debate was written when South Africans were still reeling after the racist comments were made by real-estate agent Penny Sparrow – igniting heated exchanges on social media.

Vision of a Future African City

Architectural students were challenged ­to imagine an African Future City in the annual Murray & Roberts Des Baker Competition.

Making Design Ideas Real

Johan Swart, Department of Architecture, University of Pretoria, discusses whether practical ‘making’-experience should form a part of architectural curriculum. Through a recent collaborative workshop hosted by University of Pretoria’s Architecture Department and RAW Studios, Swart reflects on the benefits of such exposure.