The Greatest Shoal On Earth

2018 Sardine Run breaks all the records.

Embraced By Nature’s True Treasures

From its rugged rocks to its sheer cliffs and sandy beach steeped in history, Double Mouth is a gorgeous fishing getaway, writes Charles Foster.

Making It Count In Kosi

When you get only one chance at a GT, you have to give it all you’ve got – and maybe, just maybe, you’ll land your dream fish, writes Robert Kyle.

Image: ©Shutterstock - 751128925

The Measure Of A Successful Fisherman

Care must be taken when sizing up your catch and setting it free, writes Glenn Curtis.

Destination – Northwestern Madagascar

Offering an incredible variety of predatory fish and some lesser-known, more elusive species, northwestern Madagascar is an ideal location for an angling adventure, claims Craig Thomassen.

Yellowfin Tuna From The Cape

The fishery along the continental shelf off Cape Town has long been known as one of the best and most consistent places in the world to target big yellowfin tuna. Brad Arthur reports.