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Blazing The Trail In Technology

Brescia House School is a trailblazer in technology. 

The school has been recognised as a leader in technology by Microsoft, and they are celebrating the incredible achievements of their teachers.  Loredana Borello, Head of the High School, said, “I am in awe of our teachers and what they have achieved.  Their persistence and commitment to life-long learning is an inspiration for us all.  We are so incredibly proud of our staff.”

Microsoft Showcase School for the eighth consecutive year

The Microsoft Showcase School programme recognises the school as a leader in educational transformation, creating pupil-centred, immersive and inclusive learning experiences.  Showcase Schools take learning to the next level, inspiring lifelong learning and the development of future-ready skills.  Brescia is the only school in South Africa awarded this prestigious accolade for eight consecutive years and one of five South African Showcase Schools.  The school joins an exclusive community of over 1000 premier schools worldwide, recognised for their truly pioneering efforts and innovation in rethinking teaching learning and assessment to drive deep 21st-century competencies.

77 Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts

Each year, teachers around the world apply to become Microsoft Innovative Educator Experts (MIEEs).  They provide an e-portfolio of their teaching and learning, exhibiting proficiency in Microsoft products and 21st-century learning design.  These teachers demonstrate how they work to achieve excellence in education using Microsoft technologies coupled with their innovative teaching practices.  This year, the Middle East and Africa region achieved the most MIEEs in the world.  77 Brescia House School educators are MIEEs for 2021-2022, the most in South Africa.  As MIEEs, these teachers join a global community dedicated to improving student outcomes through technology.

39 Microsoft Certified Educators

As a Microsoft Showcase School, Brescia House School has the best players on the field.  The staff have a clear focus and drive to improve their professional development.  39 teachers prepared for and wrote the Microsoft Certified Educator examination.  They had to achieve more than 70% to be awarded this certification which recognises that these teachers have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide students with a rich, custom learning experience.

4 Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Fellows

As the cherry on the top, 4 of Brescia House School’s innovation leaders have been selected as Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Fellows.  These are self-driven teachers who are passionate about teaching and learning.  They demonstrate leadership in their school and the wider educational community, sharing knowledge and acting as change agents.  Lyneth Crighton, Tracy Heath, Wendy Sauthoff and Kevin Smart are amongst 23 MIEE Fellows in South Africa.  After a rigorous selection process, the South African Microsoft EDU Team announced that they were proud to have these teachers as part of this exclusive group of top MIE Experts from around the globe.

Lyneth Crighton, Head of Innovation and Staff Development, said, “There are only 23 MIEE Fellows in South Africa, so to have 4 Brescia House School educators recognised as Fellows is phenomenal.”

“We are bursting with pride!  It is humbling to know that Microsoft has recognised the incredible leadership that our MIEE Fellows have shown in innovation and technology,” said Deborah Zambon, Head of the Primary School.

By providing a holistic learning environment, embracing modern technology and encouraging a spirit of independence, Brescia House School ensures its girls are grounded, giving, and well equipped for a technology orientated future.

As a Showcase School, Brescia House School will continue to work closely with Microsoft to lead innovation in education and communicate a vision for education enabled by technology through the hosting and mentoring of other schools and teachers in the community on transformational educational practices.

Mrs Wendy Sauthoff, Brescia House School Head of English;  Microsoft Innovative Educator Expert Fellow

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