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Axis Communications offers protection. By Nelendhre Moodley.

With an increase in security breaches – be it cybercrime or physical infringements – the need for protection of property and assets continues to be a key concern for most industries, especially for the high-value metals and minerals sector.

Industry Snapshot recently caught up with Axis Communications sales manager for Africa, Marcel Bruyns, to chat about the company’s product innovation.

“Developments in the digital space continue to unlock avenues for step change innovation in the security space, giving rise to a whole host of new products,” he says.

The Swedish manufacturer supplies a range of network products for physical security and video surveillance, including network cameras, network intercoms, network audio, access control, wearables, video recorders and video management software and analytics.

The company provides products and services to a range of businesses, including mining companies from mining majors such as Anglo American, to mid-tier and junior miners.

“While many companies have regarded investment in security systems as a grudge purchase, however, with the rise in high-level criminal activity, investment in security systems has become a necessity.

“Over the past four years we have seen a major shift in developments in business security; with a focus on products targeting preventative measures that include the use of artificial intelligence and related analytics which notify security teams of potential threats as they happen.”

In line with being at the forefront of security product development, Axis Communications recently launched a wearable body camera to add to its already large camera portfolio.

Wearable body cameras are being used increasingly by security personnel on-site, at access points and as a means to collate footage during plant maintenance and troubleshooting.

In the mining industry, the wearable device is suitable for use at mine sites and processing plants to monitor operations, by the human resources department to record disputes, and as a security surveillance mechanism during protest/strike action. It can also be used at weighbridges to monitor vehicles, product and personnel – given the rising rate of incidents of ore theft.

Following the launch of the wearable body camera in the first quarter of 2020, traction for the product from the mining sector has been gaining momentum.

The company is also continuously enhancing its product line seeking to expand its offering to its extensive client base.

“For instance, some future releases include features that can be connected with a range of sensors able to monitor aspects such as ambient temperatures, water levels and humidity, etc. The devices are sophisticated and able, among others, to automatically shut off the equipment in the event that set levels or temperature are breached, thereby saving the client thousands in replacement and/or repair costs.”

Further to this, the rise in cybercrime is forcing many companies, be they billion-dollar entities or small-scale firms, to invest in preventive technology. Although South Africa has reported few cybercrime incidents compared to its more developed counterparts, the recent “cyber-attack, security intrusion and sabotage” incident at Transnet is a case in point.

“Axis Communication is in a strong position to help clients deter potential hackers with product features such as Axis Edge Vault, Trusted Platform Module, Secure Boot and signed firmware supported by our priority ARTPEC chip. This ensures the safe transmission of data content, and the security of cryptographic keys and certificates are maintained while the sign firmware protects against malicious code being installed.

“Our devices are compatible with VMS partners who support HTTPS/SSL self-signed certificates, which is a type of ‘handshake’ between the edge device and server,” says Bruyns.

Coupled with these offerings, the company also provides best practice guides which assist in actively preventing security breaches.

“At Axis Communications we work closely with clients to provide tailor-made solutions to meet their needs. In line with this, we also offer to trial products on-site to showcase how the products work and the benefits the clients are able to achieve.

“Once clients see the value of our products, they are happy to invest in them. Our main aim is to develop long-term relationships and ensure that we supply the right equipment first time.”


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