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QSA Brands is a private chemical manufacturer for the mining industry based in Rustenburg, North West Province, South Africa.

The company manufactures and supplies a variety of industrial maintenance chemicals and consumables to the mining industry. QSA BRANDS forms part of the Jonet Holdings Group, a holding company renowned for building businesses and empowering the local community through joint ventures, training, surface cleaning, and underground sanitation.

Health, safety and environmental awareness are fundamental to the operations at QSA BRANDS and the company has recently invested to improve on the technical capabilities of QSA BRANDS – a once in-house manufacturing concern to a well-established company – which now offers unique products and services, technical expertise, and a highly competitive range of quality chemical, safety and consumable products.

QSA BRANDS consumable range includes a wide variety of PPE/safety products, paper products and cleaning chemical dispensers and brushware.

In the chemical sector, QSA BRANDS has recently introduced private label, small-pack manufacturing facilities and services with 3 distinct chemical product categories, which includes the following products designed for use in the mining industry:

 Q – “Quality”: A range of “high quality/unique” products designed to go above and beyond chemical industry norms.

  • Revolutionary surface sanitisers & disinfectants
    • Hand sanitisers
    • Surface sanitisers
    • Total release fogger
  • Portion control products for underground and surface sanitation
    • Formaldehyde free – portable toilet chemicals
    • Deodorisers, rinses & odour control products
  • Environmentally friendly products
    • Degrades waste, digests bad bacteria and prevents bad odours
    • Safe to the environment, positive effect on the effluent system, tailing dams, etc….

S – “Standard”: A range of “standard products”.

  • Degreasers & detergents
    • Laundry powders and liquid dosing products
    • Hand cleaners, sanitisers and soaps
    • Truck washes
    • Metal treatment products
    • Electrical safety solvents
    • Ablutions/changeroom cleaners & sanitisers
    • Floor care products
    • Food safe – kitchen/canteen products
    • Personal hygiene products, etc…. 

A – “Agency”:  A range of “highly accredited” agency products, sourced from reputable suppliers to meet a customers specific requirements.

  • Oil absorbents & spill-kits
  • Industrial aerosols & greases
  • Dispensing systems
  • PPE – overalls, gloves, boots, respirators, signage, etc…
  • Brushware & paper products, etc….
  • Electrical cleaners

For more information, visit: https://qsabrands.co.za.

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