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Pilot Crushtec and Metso Introduce Warranty Plan For Products

Mining equipment supplier, Pilot Crushtec and industrial equipment and services company, Metso recently introduced the first five-year, 10 000 hour extended warranty plan for all Metso products.

The products are on their crushing, screening and materials handling equipment.

This move is unprecedented in the mining and quarrying industry and highlights the absolute confidence Pilot Crushtec and Metso have in the quality and reliability of their products, said the companies.

Pilot Crushtec International understands the challenges associated with these industries across the continent.

“When looking at standard warranties within the industry at large, we see that it is one year, 2000 hours,” said Francois Marais, sales and marketing director at Pilot Crushtec. “We have effectively taken this and turned it on its head. We have increased the standard factory warranty to two years and 4000 hours, and have added another three years and 6000 hours extended protection plan which covers all the critical components of the unit.”

“If we look at the standard factory warranty offered in the market it is essentially irrelevant”, said Marais. Looking specifically at crushing and screening equipment, incidents arising from abuse or high duty cycles, only really starts to set in after several hundred hours of operation. Our extended warranty is our way of guaranteeing clients that we are committed to ensuring the machinery they have purchased will continue to deliver first-class service and will last a lot longer, he added.

Jorge Abelho, technical director at Pilot Crushtec echoed this sentiment. “We are getting involved in long-term relationships with our clients with the aim to get the machine to last, so if we see anything being done wrong, we highlight this so that corrective measures may be implemented.”

The extended warranty is now offered as a standard feature on all Metso products.

Lokotrack LT1213S mobile crushing screening plant limestone cement.

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