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Mining Digitalisation In Practice

Reactore provides practical solutions for mines to realise the potential of the  4th industrial revolution.

Reactore, a South African owned technology company, specialise in providing digitalisation solutions for the entire mining value chain.  Reactore’s MineOne offers a modular, scalable solution base for both surface and underground mining operations, all mining methods and commodities.

MineOne is highly customisable, future proof and integration-ready, with the ability to integrate with almost any data source in a mine’s existing technological landscape.  Reactore is focused on providing practical solutions which provide a real ROI with a budgetary cycle with its emphasis on quality, flexibility and customisability to meet their client’s needs.

They also offer digitalisation roadmaps and technical services for Mines looking to plan their digitalisation strategies going forward.  Miners use MineOne for:

Real-Time Tracking of Personnel, Equipment & Material Operational Planning
& Scheduling
Short Interval Control Fleet Management
& Dispatch
Material Logistics & Distribution Production Management & Shift Control Drill & Blast Management Blending & Grade Control
Geotechnical & Hydrology Management/Monitoring Maintenance Planning & Scheduling Equipment Health Monitoring Ventilation On Demand
Inventory Management Fuel Management Improve Health & Safety Air Quality Management
Field & Management Mobile Applications Customised Dashboards & 3D Visualisation of Data Reporting & Analytics Regulatory / Legislative Compliance

 Solution in Focus: Underground Tracking

The Underground Tracking Solution module offered by MineOne provides real-time positional tracking for personnel and equipment and visualises the data in a 3D, isometric, interactive dashboard which is accessible in the surface control room environments or other remote locations.

The solution is agnostic, designed to work with existing infrastructure and technology or with Reactore supplied infrastructure.  The solution includes an optional Cap Lamp Room Management feature and allows for customisable alarms and a host of reports.  The solution can be scaled to include other modules such as Ventilation on Demand, Production Management, Asset Management and Health & Safety solutions.


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