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Minerals Council South Africa Observes Global Ethics Day 2020

The Minerals Council recently observed the globally recognised Global Ethics Day, using it as an opportunity to publicly affirm the industry’s commitment to ethical conduct.

It provides an opportunity for organisations to hold events on or around this day, exploring the meaning of ethics, and to share their views and activities with others.

The Minerals Council is using this day to reinforce members’ commitment to the Membership Compact, our code of ethical business conduct. The compact https://www.mineralscouncil.org.za/special-features/158-membership-compact was introduced in 2018 as a condition for Minerals Council membership. It requires members to observe ethical business practices and highlights these areas in this regard: respect for human rights; health and safety; sustainable development; risk management based on sound data and science; environmental performance; biodiversity and land-use planning; product design,  use and disposal; community development; and transparent communication.

To further reinforce these commitments to ethical behaviour, the same year the Minerals Council developed a human rights framework that members are being urged to implement. It is envisaged that, in due course, compliance with the framework will also become a condition for membership.

The framework is based on the UN Guiding Principles on Business and Human Rights (UNGPs). It is considered to be a “living document” in that it may be subject to amendment in certain respects as it is adopted and implemented by members and as the Minerals Council engages with various stakeholders on an ongoing basis.

The Minerals Council has called on its members to recognise Global Ethics Day and carry out some activities that will reinforce their own commitments to ethical behaviour.



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