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Minerals Council Launches Beyond The Mine Gate Field Guide

The Minerals Council South Africa has launched the Beyond the Mine Gate Field Guide, aimed at empowering employees as agents of change and promoting and supporting healthy and safe behaviours within communities, with a specific focus on COVID-19. 

This field guide is the second in a series of two and follows the Within the Mine Gate Field Guide which was published in July aimed at re-enforcing behaviours that support healthy and safe ways of working in the context of COVID-19 which may be accessed at: https://www.mineralscouncil.org.za/downloads/send/7-2015/1122-behaviour-change-field-guide

Both field guides were developed under the auspices of the CEO Zero Harm Forum, in close collaboration with mining companies with extensive input from the South African mining sector and leading organisations around the world.

Says Dr Thuthula Balfour, Head of Health at the Minerals Council: “As an industry, we recognise that like our employees, we are part of communities. Therefore, our efforts to shift behaviour to limit the spread of COVID-19, need to extend beyond the mine gate. By providing employees with knowledge, and the right skills and capabilities, they become agents of change in our communities.”

The Beyond the Mine Gate field guide is freely available and helps to identify:

  • The prevalence of transmissions within mining communities through the Geographic information mapping system (GIS) platform.
  • Specific behaviours to target in order to minimise the transmission of COVID-19 in communities.
  • Measures to improve the community response to COVID-19 and address the specific behaviours identified.
  • Ways to address some of the burning issues facing communities, such as stigmatisation and gender-based violence during COVID-19 times.

The Beyond the Mine Field Guide may be accessed at: https://www.mineralscouncil.org.za/downloads/send/60-2020/1236-minerals-council-launches-beyond-the-mine-gate-field-guide

Web: https://www.mineralscouncil.org.za/


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