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ETT Recovery Gooseneck Raises The Bar For Towing

With safety as one of the main focuses in the mining industry, innovative engineering design is imperative in mitigating the operational risks involved.

Reliable and accurate technology is more than a means to high-output productivity; it saves lives.

ETT understands that rugged conditions demand durable support equipment. To run operations smoothly, a fleet of ancillary vehicles ensures that machinery remains at peak performance. When equipment inevitably bends under the pressure of heavy-duty mining, a speedy turn-around time in replacing trucks reduces downtime.

Professionally engineered, the ETT Recovery Gooseneck is designed to quickly recover and tow large rigid mining trucks. The versatile gooseneck can be installed on either a 100-ton or 250-ton rigid truck. The adapter kits are sub-assemblies that can be permanently attached to any trucks in the fleet. They have a dual hitch-and-lock assembly that positively locks the truck to the towing frame to secure the vehicle.

The ETT Gooseneck system enables a two-person recovery which allows for streamlined operations. With one driver and one spotter on the rear deck, the engagement procedure can be carried out without disembarking. All gooseneck functions are conducted by radio remote control to keep operators away from pinch points between vehicles thereby minimising the chance of injury.

Its primary safety feature is an advanced high-definition camera system with nine-inch colour monitors on board. The cameras enable precise positioning of the tow bar prior to engagement. Laser tracking allows operators to reverse the tow truck accurately thereby eliminating alignment errors for an even quicker recovery.

A counterweight assembly is mounted to the front of the recovery vehicle for complete stability. The weight is secured to the robust truck chassis and keeps the tow truck in perfect balance.

ETT’s intimate understanding of the mining industry and its safety challenges is what enables their teams to build solutions suited to their purpose. Safety is at the forefront of the Recovery Gooseneck design. Through the use of advanced 3D camera systems and precision engineering, the ETT Recovery Gooseneck provides an effective solution that keeps operators out of harm’s way and increases overall operational efficiency.

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