Restaurant Chains Get Inventive To Cope With The Effects Of Lockdown

SPONSORED: Since lockdown, survival has been the main focus of most restaurants, but with the recent ease of lockdown regulations, some have started thinking of growth prospects again.

Getting It Right

Social media can be a powerful marketing tool, but it can also damage a brand’s reputation if used incorrectly, Trevor Crighton explores the pros and cons.

Is Nightlife Losing Its Appeal?

There’s still money to be made from night clubs and bars, but franchises need to prioritise innovation and creativity to stay ahead of the competition, advises Masibulele Lunika.

The Prince Of Piri

From humble beginnings in a garage in Mbombela, Galito’s is now introducing spicy grilled chicken to the farthest corners of the world, writes Delia du Toit.

Can I Franchise This?

As an entrepreneur, you may be inspired by the growth of your company and mulling over the ideal model for future growth. But, is your business franchisable? Here’s what the experts say.

Budget Franchises

Can you start a business on a tight budget? Tiisetso Tlelima counts the cents while looking over SA’s budget franchise options.

The Bigger Picture

Beth Amato takes a look at the impact of franchising on the South African economy.




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Sunday Times Franchising

Sunday Times Franchising In this issue of Franchising, the Franchise Association of South Africa shares how it is in times of crisis that the franchise model is tested. Those with strong, resilient structures and healthy franchisor-franchisee partnerships will survive and go on to prosper and become even stronger.

On Your Marks, Get Set… Wait

Business Partners Limited structures finance solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises. Regional General Manager (Inland West) Jeremy Lang answers some questions.

Pros And Cons Of Franchising

Penny Haw takes a look at the advantages and disadvantages from a franchisee’s point of view.

Looking Forward, Looking Back

Back in 1962, George Halamandaris set up a steakhouse in Johannesburg. Three years later, he sold the first franchise – and 50 years after that, it had expanded into a franchising empire, one of several widely popular brands operating under the Famous Brands umbrella.

Flexibility Drives Growth

Franchisors and franchisees in the retail grocery sector find success in building flexibility into the business model, writes Susan Reynard.