Could South Africa’s Gene-Editing Regulations Decrease Local Food Security?

According to some experts, South Africa’s gene editing legislation is extremely short-sighted and doesn’t bode well for food security concerns, reports Busani Bafana.

Capitalising On Cannabis

Cannabis holds lucrative promise for small-scale farmers, but can it deliver? Duma Gqubule investigates.

Healthier Food For A Healthier Planet

Food production has never been under such public scrutiny, with farmers being pushed to reduce their environmental footprint while still delivering top-quality produce. Solutions for water reduction and pest and weed control are accelerating, resulting in food that is not only socially acceptable, but good for agricultural sustainability. By Lindi Botha.

High Grain Prices Could Be The New Norm

Global grain production is continuing its bumpy ride as effects from the Russia-Ukraine conflict override any gains made in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Agri Exports Key To Greater Economic Inclusion

South Africa has become a formidable player on the world’s fresh produce export stage. As the largest exporter of macadamia nuts and one of the bigger players in the global citrus, avocado and blueberry markets, our farming sector offers a ray of light in an otherwise gloomy economy. But how much further can these industries expand, and is there room for transformation? By Duma Gqubule.


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