Huawei Fusionsolar Launches Luna 2.0 Solar Solution In South Africa

Leading global digital power and product solution vendor, Huawei has launched its innovative Fusionsolar Residential Luna 2.0 solar solution to the South African market. 

LTM Energy Group CEO, Dhevan Pillay, Advocates For Sustainable Growth Through Just Energy Transition And Regional Cooperation

As the world grapples with the urgent need for sustainability, Dhevan Pillay, CEO of LTM Energy Group, underscores the critical role of Just Energy Transition (JET) and regional cooperation in driving sustainable growth.

LTM Energy Awarded “Most Innovative Companies” At World Innovation Congress

Mumbai, India — 20th February 2024 — LTM Energy is honoured to announce its selection to receive the prestigious “Most Innovative Companies” award at the upcoming World Innovation Congress in Mumbai, India.

Driving Sustainable Futures: Insights From COP28 And The World’s Largest Waste-To-Energy Plant

Vice President of the Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC) and CEO of LTM Energy Group, Dhevan Pillay, recently returned from an immersive experience in Dubai, where groundbreaking innovations in renewable energy and sustainability were witnessed.

Dhevan Pillay (SAEEC) Honored At International Event In Orlando

Dhevan Pillay, Vice President of The Southern African Energy Efficiency Confederation (SAEEC), Honored at International Event in Orlando


IBC SOLAR Introduces the Next Generation of Solar Energy with Bifacial Modules combined with N-type cells.

Huawei Launches Smart PV Solutions For All Scenarios Of African Residential Market

SPONSORED: Huawei has launched smart photovoltaic (PV) solutions for all scenarios of the African residential market at the Solar Power Africa Conference 2023 held in Cape Town, South Africa.

A Powerful Duo: IBC SOLAR Cooperates With Jolywood 

A leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions, cooperates with Jolywood, one of the leading manufacturers of bifacial modules with n-type cells and TOPCon technology.

 IBC SOLAR SA : The New IBC AeroFix G3 Flat Roof Mounting System 

Roof-penetration-free mounting system now offers even more options for covering roofs individually and economically with PV modules.

Long-Term Energy Partnerships For A Stronger South Africa 

Enpower Trading has taken another significant step towards helping unlock more than 5GW of renewable energy over the next five years, boosting generation capacity to help overcome the current energy crisis in South Africa. 

IBC SOLAR SA: A New Upgraded Residential Storage Solution By GoodWe 

IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions, introduces the new and powerful single-phase, low-voltage hybrid inverter by GoodWe. The ES G2 inverter, ranging from 3 to 6 kW, will be introduced in the IBC SOLAR portfolio in 2023. The company have a continuing collaboration with GoodWe, one of the world-leading PV inverter and energy storage manufacturers, since 2021. 

IBC SOLAR SA: Solar Solutions For Commercial Properties 

IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions shares insights on commercial solar systems. A mixture of high electricity rates, loadshedding and the positive trend towards sustainable energy creates a growing demand for solar solutions on commercial properties. The advantages of using solar energy and its contribution to a clean environment has been widely discussed, but not necessarily how a business can benefit from solar energy. 

IBC SOLAR SA: Solar MD Launches A New Battery Portfolio

IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions, has had a long standing cooperation with the Cape Town based battery manufacturer Solar MD for 3 years. The very successful initial product portfolio has been reworked and a new generation of Solar MD products is being launched.

Managing Watts With Bits: How Africa’s Harnessing Digital To Meet Its Energy Needs

Mr. Xia Hesheng, President of Huawei Southern Africa Digital Power Business.

IBC SOLAR SA: Strengthens Its Presence At African Trade Shows In 2022

Cape Town, South Africa, July 21, 2022 – IBC SOLAR, a subsidiary of IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of SOLAR energy solutions, have continued their participation at Trade Shows in Africa in 2022 after having a pause due to the pandemic in 2020-2021.

Load-shedding solutions for cash-strapped SMEs

This June, South Africa experienced one of its worst weeks of load-shedding with four consecutive days of Stage 6 rolling blackouts. The negative impact of the ongoing electricity disruption threatens the country’s economy.

Energy Sector Moves Up A Gear

While South Africans are understandably frustrated by the operational issues at Eskom and the impact it is having on business and quality of life, it is important to stop and appreciate that real progress is being made.

IBC SOLAR Competence Center Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary 

IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of solar energy solutions, is pleased to announce ten years of successfully conducted trainings at its Competence Centre.

 Fraunhofer LeTID Test Confirms Top Quality Of IBC SOLAR Modules 

Modules of IBC SOLAR’s own brand show particularly high performance-stability in Fraunhofer CSP’s LeTID test.


IBC SOLAR, a leading full-service provider of solar energy solutions, presents a new business segment strategy and a new brand identity.