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Seal It Right First Time – And Seal It Green

For decades now in Southern Africa DIY home enthusiasts, professional contractors and architects alike have been dedicated to using and specifying the reliable and effective Den Braven range of quality sealants – designed for applications to suit every renovation and construction purpose.

“Den Braven is well-known globally throughout the construction and building-retail sectors as the one-stop-shop for all sealing requirements – for wet or dry environments, harsh external weatherproofing applications – as well as for effective fire-retardant application in commercial and home environments,” says Michael Berg, Den Braven SA National Sales and Marketing Manager.

The company’s wide range of of over 55 specialised sealants is manufactured to stringent standards at its headquarters in The Netherlands, as well as at seven other factories across Europe, and are distributed and applied worldwide in the most iconic buildings and the simplest of homes.

“Den Braven is not only a “one-stop-shop” though,” continues Berg, “The company also offers the full scope of comprehensive technical advice and assistance for its quality high performing products. For example, the right choice of sealant is essential in a bathroom environment, and of course in the shop-fitting trade and commercial and industrial areas where fire-retardant is a priority.”

Berg emphases the importance of “Doing it right first time” – which is enabled by Den Braven sealants. “Although there may be many sealants on the market very few match the quality and performance of Den Braven.”

Den Braven sealants have been specified and selected by professional contractors and architects as the preferred product range for iconic buildings such as Knightsbridge on Sloane Street, the Kusile and Medupi Power Stations; Standard Chartered bank in Ghana; Christiaan Barnard Memorial Hospital in Cape Town; the Hilton Hotel Durban; Menlyn Main Precinct in Pretoria; Learning Hub and Polofields Residential Estate – to name but a few.

On fire-protection, Den Braven, has developed a special range of sealants designed to retard fire for up to four hours, allowing more time for safe passage in case of fire.

Known as FireProtect®, this patented range of products, available in silicone, acrylic, hybrid and PU foam is applied to expansion and connection joints such as window frames, doors and cornices during their installation in the finishing stages of construction.

“It is a complete, fully-certified and approved range of passive fire protection products used in expansion and connection joints, openings and penetrations between fire compartments,” said Berg. “And we encourage contractors, architects and developers to play an active role in staying a step ahead of potential fire.”

FireProtect products for passive fire protection which are included in the construction of a building are integral to the structure and have a primary function to reduce the spread of flames, heat and smoke.

Den Braven passive fire protection can contribute to saving lives; reduces material damage; minimises personal and business loss; and protects the building structure.

Sustainability and green buildings

In South Africa, Den Braven is an active member of the Green Building Council of South Africa (GBCSA) with its products contributing to Green Star building ratings across the country. Contractors in the building and construction industry as well as individuals in the DIY sector work with these products on a constant daily basis, in the knowledge that their health and safety is secure.

Doing business with Den Braven means being compliant with current and future legislation, environmental, social, health and safety governance. The company’s R&D teams are continuously tracking regulatory changes and trends, keeping its portfolio of standards in shape for the future. Den Braven has regular audits to verify its performance on ambitious environmental and social governance agendas and the company has also achieved and operates to ISO certifications 9001 and 14001.

Den Braven is a dynamic and entrepreneurial multinational company with about 1 200 enthusiastic employees. The company dispatches many millions of canisters and cartridges of sealants, foams, aerosols and other adhesives to construction enthusiasts all around the world. Den Braven has eight production facilities and 25 sales and distribution offices and reaches near global coverage via a worldwide network of distribution points.

For more information, visit the informative and interactive Den Braven website:

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