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Perfection Made Clear

The magic of transparency comes to the bathroom with Axor Starck V.

Once again AXOR is spearheading the quest for innovative bathroom design with the breath taking Starck V water spout, a grand homage to the element of water and to the notion that transparency is anything but transient. Designer Philippe Starck has applied his experience and creative flair to this revolutionary spigot which, as you may have guessed, is entirely translucent.

The fuss?

Water, one of four primal elements, is associated with the calm soothing sounds of the shore, the gentle babble of a brook and the careless whisper of a stream. It is also given power by the rumble of swollen rivers and the roar of squall-laden seas. Water is both calm and chaos, and assumes its shape based on its surroundings.

In this case it takes the form of that which belongs in the category of nature’s wonders: the water vortex.

The inspiration?

Driven by a fascination with the elixir of life, Starck wanted to represent the purity and mysticism of water, formed and made visible by glass. More than that, Starck wanted to bring this idea into the home – into the bathroom – so that the world may enjoy such a phenomenon on a daily basis.

The facts?

The spigot represents extravagance in its design and its material: crystal glass, cut like a diamond to evince class and elegance, or porcelain, the ultimate expression of modernity. With interchangeable spouts, the look and feel are yours to change as you see fit. One simple click will see its separation from the base, making it an easy, customisable option for your bathroom. It comes as either a single-lever mixer or a two-hole mixer with separate handles. The spout also swivels a full 360 degrees, allowing you to choose where it lands and making cleaning a thing of simplicity.

The functions?

The handle is repositionable, and can go to either the right or the left of the spigot. It features a laminar spray with a 125mm projection and a joystick ceramic cartridge. It has a flow rate of 4 litres per minute, making the AXOR Starck V economical and environmentally friendly. The spout is also dishwasher safe and removeable with the SafetyStop-function, while the EasyClick connection between body and spout ensure that this modern marvel is at the peak of innovation.

The crux?

Put simply the AXOR Starck V is the contemporary amalgamation of sustainability, sophistication and style.

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