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Locally Developed Power Supply

Critical equipment including security devices and other electronics can now be operated with locally developed power supplies.

These power supplies have been specially designed to function on the local power grid and have built-in features to make it more robust than standard equipment.

GSS Group director, Greg Pritchard, says more than 30 years spent in the security and electronics industries has given the team the best possible understanding of local operating challenges. This has allowed them to develop power supplies that are designed to handle all of South Africa’s extremes, including load shedding, brown-outs and even has circuitry that is better able to deal with the highveld’s well-known lightning storms.

Designed and developed by GSS Group, the power supplies are manufactured in a quality-controlled manufacturing plant in China which allows the costs of the high-quality componentry to be incorporated at more affordable prices for the local market. As a result, several of the country’s large security and electronic distributors have already switched to the local brand of power supplies with success.

Manufacturing expertise

“During my time in the industry I have worked for some of the largest electronic security equipment suppliers and gained decades of experience and long relationships with manufacturers in the East. By setting up our manufacturing operation alongside a large-scale electronics equipment manufacturer we get to enjoy better pricing as a result of the large volumes of components purchased by the manufacturer monthly.

“The enclosures are also specially designed for tough African conditions and where possible incorporates innovations that can protect and even avoid damage where batteries may be used or in the event of short-circuits etc. By maintaining strict control of the process, we have the agility to change and customise the power supplies to customers’ requirements and even bring the customer’s own branding onto the supply where sufficient volumes are ordered.

“This type of arrangement is only possible as a result of our longstanding relationships with suppliers in the East following dozens of visits and a good understanding of the business culture. As a result, our manufacturing partners work with us to manufacture products that are as good or better than locally available equivalents,” says Greg.

Local certification

He adds that GSS Group power supplies carry SANS IEC 60950, LOA and NRCS certification both AC and DC power supplies and DC UPS, as well as meeting SANS /IEC 61558 certification for its range of linear transformers. The products also incorporate EMI filtering and meet EMC standards. These standards are required for effective use in IOT devices, electronics and security applications which includes intrusion, CCTV, access control and automation. The power supplies have subsequently also found favour in the electrical and alternate energy industries or wherever power supplies are required.

The range includes:


5v 4amp

12V 1 – 8amp

Aluminium casing

12V 3 – 40amp in 12v

24v 5 – 10 amp

Power distribution

12v 4 output 5amp

12v 5 output 10amp

12v 6 output 6amp

12v 9 output 10amp

12v 18 output 20 amp

Battery backup for a 4 way and 9-way power distribution box

DC UPS range

Metal enclosure with key lock in

– 4amp for 7ah backup

– 6.5 amp for a 18ah backup

Plastic enclosure battery leak protection

– 3.2amp 12v

GSS Group, Greg Pritchard, Tel: (010) 140 7137, Email: greg@gssgroup.co.za, Web: www.gssgroup.co.za.


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