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A Partnership To Preserve Your Building

Ongoing building maintenance is key to avoiding a snowball of costs mounting up if left unattended.

When it comes to building maintenance the old adage, ‘a stitch in time saves nine’ is never more appropriate. Whether residential, commercial or industrial, maintaining a building in tip top condition is critical to preserving the asset, protecting the occupants and ensuring that the resale value is the best it can be. Ongoing building maintenance is also key to avoiding a snowball of costs mounting up if left unattended.

The Sectional Title Schemes Management (STSM) Act that came into effect in October 2016 mandates that all sectional title buildings are required to have a 10-year maintenance plan in place. While the plan’s format is not prescriptive, it needs to include all major maintenance such as electrical, plumbing, glazing, windows and waterproofing. Beyond the aesthetics, a building’s coatings also come into play to preserve its integrity.

Stepping into this space with their 360° Partnership Pledge, Plascon offers a maintenance program to extend the life expectancy of a building’s coatings over the guarantee’s lifetime. This optional program forms part of a holistic solution offered to accredited applicators and embraces a project’s requirements from the assessment of needs to product specification, application, approval and guarantee.

Category Manager for Plascon Professional, Carol Ras says, “The maintenance plan is designed to make the paint maintenance aspect of property maintenance stress free and works similar to a car maintenance plan. The contractor who does the project is included in the agreement with the building owner. We keep a record and coordinate with the contractor to conduct an annual building inspection to identify wear and tear maintenance needs. As the building is being continually maintained, the coating integrity is assured for the duration of the guarantee. For example, by not allowing water ingress to continue as a result of plaster cracks and cause damage to the coating, the coating will not deteriorate and require large scale repairs. This ultimately preserves the building’s integrity, ensures occupants’ safety from potential hazards and increases the asset’s value.”

Not only does this allow the asset owner, body corporate or management company to budget for annual maintenance costs, it also ensures they are not faced with high and unexpected maintenance costs when the guarantee expires.” Should the building need a repaint a new guarantee period will apply, and the maintenance plan will be renewed.

Whether it’s gazetted or not, maintaining a sectional title building just makes good sense. By leaving coatings maintenance to the professionals through the Plascon 360° Partnership Pledge program, building owners and contractors can rest assured that they are saving time and money, preserving assets and upholding the law at the same time.

Visit: www.plascon.com


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