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Evotel Sets Installing Hope Challenge

SPONSORED: Fibre Network Operator (FNO), Evotel, has announced its “Installing Hope Challenge”.

This initiative is challenging other FNOs and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and any businesses in the telecoms industry to give back to the communities they operate in and to assist the needy with a charitable initiative and sponsorships to install hope in these difficult times.

“Evotel believes in giving back to the communities it operates in and we recently ran a soup kitchen in Upington in the Northern Cape, which was a huge success and welcomed by residents. We set up a soup kitchen for the hungry and provided food parcels to 36 underprivileged families. Seeing the difference this small gesture of charity made for these individuals and their spirit of hope, spurred us on to do the same in other areas and to challenge companies in and outside of the Telecoms industry to do the same with our Installing Hope challenge,” says Albert Oosthuysen, Evotel CEO.

The Installing Hope Challenge is directed to every player in the telecoms industry to do some charity and pay it forward. Any charitable initiative will be seen as accepting the challenge and participating. Those companies who accept participation are also then urged to challenge and nominate any other company to take part using the hashtag #InstallingHopeChallenge.

“Because we at Evotel can only do so much to assist disadvantaged communities and the needy, we are challenging the industry to do the same and help us bring hope to the destitute and uplift their spirits,” Oosthuysen adds.

Charity is part of Evotel’s culture, and the company supports those in need and who have fallen on hard times in whichever small way it can. Through charity and sponsorship efforts the company is making a difference in people’s lives, for the better. Evotel will challenge companies, be they partners or competitors, to follow suit, so that together a greater difference can be made in the lives of more people that are struggling in South Africa.

The company has also committed to do a monthly charitable event or gesture in various towns across the country and will be nominating a specific industry player each week.

In the same way Evotel assists small-town residents to gain access to the latest technology and fibre internet, the company also made a commitment to give back to the communities where it is installing fibre networks. This includes employing at least 30% locals to assist with the infrastructure build, as well as providing schools that fall under its network coverage with free access to its fibre network, thus investing in the education of the youth in these areas.

There are few rules or conditions to the challenge. Companies are free to choose any charity to support and in any way they feel will provide the most impact to help that specific organisation, group of people or individual. The only prerequisites are that your efforts are to the betterment of people’s lives, you tag Evotel using the hashtag #InstallingHopeChallenge and you nominate another business to pay it forward.

Website: www.evotel.co.za
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/evotelsa/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/evotelz
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/evotel_za/

Albert Oosthuysen, Evotel CEO at soup kitchen in Upinton

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