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Legrand’s Arteor Lighting Devices

Legrand’s range of Arteor wiring devices - which encompasses simple switches, to the most advanced home automation systems – also provides complete solutions for modern lighting management.

Legrand has combined stylish design and leading-edge technology to create modern wiring devices with numerous functions and various finishes that meet the requirements of the most basic electrical functions, as well as complicated and demanding automation tasks.

Legrand’s design team has worked with ‘the power of new ideas’ slogan to produce elegant, energy efficient fittings, with a fine balance between function and form. Legrand offers architects, interior designers and consultants the opportunity to specify custom designed devices that suit the decorating theme of specific projects.

To reinforce the high-end character of these devices, the most sophisticated and innovative materials have been selected, giving Arteor a multi-cultural identity in line with its international positioning. These finishes include woven metal, red mirror and marine leather. Other finishes like plastic, metal, tattoo, wood and brushed steel are also available.

What’s also notable about this range is users are able to ‘mix and match’ the design option and type of finish for any control function and these combinations can be changed at any time to suit exact requirements.

The versatility of Arteor lighting controls enables users to create their own lighting scenarios, whether it is low illumination, bright lighting, or a cinema setting. Motion sensitive and automatic switches, as well as a new generation of dimmers, have not only been designed for elegance and flexibility, but also for enhanced energy efficiency.

Arteor universal dimmers optimise potential energy savings of modern lighting techniques, by enabling the dimming of all types of lamps.

For further information:

Internal Sales Legrand SA

PO Box 1917, Kelvin, 2054

Telephone: (011) 444 7971

Email: legrand.south-africa@legrand.co.za

Web: www.legrand.co.za 

Image: Arteor switch - 3 modules vertical mounting - Brushed Metal, Stainless Steel
Image: Arteor switch - 3 modules vertical mounting - Brushed Metal, Stainless Steel

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