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Storage Professionals Managing director Anthony McHenry, the only independent self storage managing agents in SA say that their industry has been resilient in a downturned economy for its owners.

If businesses are professionally run and managed, they will be able to weather the storm ahead and continue to provide much needed space for modern families and their lifestyles.

With 3600 storage units in 16 different locations, Storage Professionals has proven that they truly are the ultimate self storage management company across South Africa. Their constant growth satisfies the demand for storage with high collections and steady growth (7% year on year), these investments are surely a gold mine for investors looking for a safe bet. Their growth this year has included recently built units that are available for clients in different locations.

Storage Professionals is also asking prospective clients to keep their eyes pealed to their social media pages and website, as they will be adding another 800 units over the next few months in Urban Self Storage in the heart Maboneng Precinct, the city with a heart of gold. They have anticipated this need so no delay in getting your storage unit close to you.

Cedar Storage and Storageworx are currently running a COVID 19 Special. This means that all new clients will receive a 50% Rent Reduction for 2-6 months. The incredible special is designed to help people create space to work from home. It is a simple and painless task to book a storage unit online. Both these storage companies offer realtime communication for clients on their online booking websites on and Alternatively, you can find out more information by contacting Natasha on 067 219 9926, where she can assist you further.

Storage Professionals would like to thank all of their current loyal customers who went above and beyond to pay their rent exceeding 93% collections in May 2020.

Image: Anthony McHenry. Photo© Jeremy Glyn for Store-it magazine in March 2020

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