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The Show Goes On(line)

The interactive virtual tour of Catherine Ocholla's The Space Between opened 29 April.

StateoftheART is proud to host the online exhibition THE SPACE BETWEEN, the latest body of work by Cape Town artist Catherine Ocholla. The show opened at the gallery’s Online Viewing Room on Wednesday, 29 April.

In these unprecedented times, Catherine Ocholla’s exhibition of skyscape paintings pour calm on troubled waters. The artist’s new paintings contain a broad collection of every imaginable cloud and sky, capturing both the understated and the spectacular. Her palette shifts from light blue, white and a myriad of greys. Prussian blue, violet, saffron, pale pink and black enter the picture plane. The tonal shifts in some compositions allude to a seascape, anchored by the merest suggestion of a horizon.

This is Ocholla’s 3rd solo exhibition of skyscape paintings: she will not be exhibiting again until she has completed her MFA (Master of Arts in Fine Art) in two years’ time.

The Space Between | Catherine Ocholla

29 April – 16 May 2020

View online at:

Image: Lucid Dream

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