Clear Safety Bars

A few things to consider when installing Clear Bars.

Clear Bars without the protection of an integrated alarm sensor or any other alarm monitoring or reaction system, should only be installed for “safety reasons”. Installing clear bars as burglar guard security is not recommended. The only time we recommend to install these Safety Bars as a security barrier, is in gated communities or guarded security estates as additional security, as well as in high rise buildings to prevent children falling from windows.

The clear safety bars are also used to keep unwanted animals such as baboons and monkeys out from entering your residence. In this case the bars will be installed with smaller spacing.

When installing clear safety bars, the client should make sure that it is made from high quality, polycarbonate that is UV protected on both sides. Make sure that you are not receiving a substandard, low quality product that is not UV protected and will not last due to UV damage, starburst & cracks. Make sure that your installer is a reputable company and insist on references as well as a clear description on how they plan to secure the bars. Also ask if the company is registered with TBASA or any other association that will keep him accountable for any wrongdoing.

When securing these bars, the correct equipment should be used, the correct sized holes should be drilled; e.g. the centre of the hole should be drilled 1.5 times the thickness of the bar away from the edges; the edges of the bars should be rounded to prevent injury, maximum spacing of 120mm between the bars if the opening is less than 700mm wide and 100mm spacing if the openings are wider than 700mm. These are only a few factors to keep in mind when installing these Clear Safety Bars.

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