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Art, Culture and Heritage Africa Media (Pty) Ltd T/A NGT Creatives is a creative and design hub within the NGT group of companies.

A collaborative space for Architects (design, landscape and interiors), Artists, Strategists and Creatives (brand) specialising in conceptualisation, design and development of art, culture, heritage and landscape based projects servicing residential, commercial and public sector clients. Our work is based on our client’s values and philosophy on life. Our creative and design work encapsulate these two important life elements and bring them to life in unimaginable ways and often exceeding client expectations. Projects include among others:

  1. Urban design programmes – Public Sector:
  • Conceptualisation, design and development of Public Open Spaces through the use of arts, crafts, heritage and environmental elements to create lively, vibrant and safe community spaces.
  • City branding through the use of arts, culture and heritage.
  • Urban streetscape management – design and implementation of street art, sculptures and billboards that create a symmetric and monochromic landscape, which enhances the aesthetic feel of streets.
  1. Residential:
  • Concept, design and development of residential property inclusive of landscaping and interior design.
  1. Commercial:
  • Concept, design and development of commercial property inclusive of landscaping and interior design.
Stone walls in the Hector Pieterson Memorial in Soweto, outside of Johannesburg, South Africa

We also specialise in Strategy and Business Development Initiatives where we collaborate with rural and peri-urban communities, which are often marginalised in the main stream economy to develop arts and craft for our projects in the process directly involving them in the Golden Economy:

  • We assist these communities with training and design of high quality arts and crafts that can be used in interior décor and landscaping projects for residential, commercial and public sector market.
  • We source and distribute exceptional arts and crafts that have passed the quality check and distribute them within our Arts and Crafts Hubs where clients have the opportunity to purchase them for their residential, commercial or public projects.

We continuously looking for collaborators in line with our company objectives and services offering and will be pleased to hear from you. For more information on how to partner or collaborate please kindly get in touch with us:

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