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Den Braven High Tack: The Original Instant Grip adhesive

Den Braven High Tack is a permanent adhesive with excellent initial adhesion.

It is UV- and water-resistant, almost odourless, low in VOCs (volatile organic compounds) and free of silicone and isocyanides. High Tack adheres extremely well to many substrates such as natural stone, windowsills, mirrors, glass and glazed surfaces, coated metals, steel and finished wood. Den Braven High Tack is non-corrosive and is therefore compatible with most metals. The product conforms to South African Green Building Council standards.

Den Braven High Tack can be used for adhesion of weights up to 25 kilograms to vertical surfaces without fixation or mechanical support. It is ideal for applications such as stone cladding, fixing of panels, mouldings, ceramic tiles, bathrooms and kitchen fittings. It is advisable to assess suitability prior to application as Den Braven High Tack forms a durable elastic bond after approximately 24 hours. There is no shrinkage or bubbling and it is paintable. There are similar products on the market – but Den Braven is the original instant tried and tested adhesive.

It is available in 290ml recyclable cartridges. For further technical information and assistance please contact us on: 011 792 3830or

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