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Ethiopia aims to generate $30 bn in foreign exchange earnings from the textiles and clothing sector by 2030, according to Ethiopian state minister of industry Bogale Feleke.

With the lion’s share of CSI spend being poured into education, it is important to assess whether it is hitting the mark and making a real difference to the access of quality education. Puseletso Mompei reports.

Many experts believe Africa is facing an obesity crisis. If this is true, asks Nick Cowen, how can we make healthy food affordable?

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Securex 2017

High standard of fire and security technology & services at Securex 2017 win the approval of decision makers.

It’s another year of shocking statistics on our roads. Tamsin Oxford takes a look at what can be done to improve driver behaviour.

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A Kougaberg farm cottage was recently restored, quite cleverly, using materials found on the farm. This has resulted in a structure that blends in perfectly with its environment.


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