NSF Places A Premium On Previously Disadvantaged And Entrepreneurs

For South Africa to boost its job creation machinery, it is crucial for skills dissemination initiatives to be tightly targeted, reports Levi Letsoko.

By The Numbers

Although there are many more black accountants in South Africa today than ever before, the industry still has a way to go when it comes to transformation, writes Delia Du Toit.

Strengthen Online Learning As 50% Of Classroom Time Already Lost In 2021

Online School, Brainline, has called for the strengthening of online learning amid reports that learners have already lost 50% of classroom time this year alone.

Coping With The New School Day

Lisa Witepski looks at what preparing your child for “big school” looks like today.

Green Thinking For A Green Future

“Green jobs” and a “green economy” sound like they are extreme and can be misleading, but they play a vital role in helping to make economies and communities more sustainable, reports Trevor Crighton.

Low Quintile Schools Struggling Due To Pandemic

Some of the most profound impacts of COVID-19 have been the closure of schools, the inability to continue regular on-site coaching of teachers, and monitoring programme implementation on the ground.

Loreto School Queenswood

We grow children for life.

Taking The Leap

Caryn Gootkin looks at ways to make the transition from primary to high school as smooth as possible.

Healthy Body, Healthy Mind

Sports activities at school mostly ground to a halt during the height of the pandemic, leaving children without the physical and social benefits of exercise and team sport. By Sue Voysey-Morris.

Hybrid Working Conditions – The Best Of Both Worlds

SPONSORED: Fareez Joulay, Creative Director at Eclipse Communications, discusses the advantages of a hybrid working model and how to implement it.

The Skills Prospects From Renewable Energy

Is the green energy sector a dark horse for employment? James Francis finds out.

Brainline: Students Allowed To Write Exams From Home

Online School, Brainline, is breaking ground again this time as the first online school in South Africa to bring online invigilation to their learners, allowing them to write their tests and examinations from the comfort of their own home.

Workforce Education: An Insider’s Perspective Over The Past 25 Years

The last 18 months of the pandemic have significantly disrupted all facets of our country’s education landscape, with the use of technology becoming crucial during this period.

Media Works Is Now Officially An Offering Of Optimi Workplace

Leading workforce education and training provider Media Works is proud to announce that it is now officially an offering of Optimi Workplace.

Practical Tips For Developing Your Child’s Social And Emotional Skills

The more a child grows and begins to understand the world around them, the more complex developmental progress becomes.

Managing ADHD Holistically

Managing ADHD doesn’t mean just relying on prescription medication; therapy, diet and certain natural health supplements can also help to reduce symptoms. By Lynne Gidish.

Preparing Our Youth For The 4IR

By: Arthur Wade Anderson.

Skilling For The Future

The landscape of the future job market may be hard to predict. However, you can help your child prepare by encouraging them to arm themselves with these scarce skills. By Lisa Witepski.

Building Essential Literacy, Numeracy And Life Skills

Anél Lewis looks at some of the specific areas of learning developed during the important foundation phase.

How To Lead Your Team In The New Normal

SPONSORED: The work environment as we know it, changed dramatically over the last year, and in a very short space of time.