Quality Early Life Development

It’s widely known that the first five years of a child’s life are crucial for developing the skills needed for future learning and economic productivity, but is enough being done to ensure wider access to early learning opportunities? Anél Lewis looks at the importance of partnerships.

Unpacking The Numbers

Last year saw a drop in the overall CSI spend in South Africa, according to the Trialogue Business in Society Handbook 2021. Caryn Gootkin finds out where CSI funding was spent and whether the downward trend is set to continue.

How The Pandemic Impacts CSI Funding

James Francis finds out how corporate social investment is affected by the challenges presented by COVID-19 and if this will change the practice.

Unlocking Opportunities For Youth Employment

South Africa continues to register record-high unemployment rates. With 56.4 percent of South Africa’s youth aged 15–24 unemployed, alarm bells are clanging loudly, reports Jermaine Craig.

Feeding A Hungry Nation

Just over a third of corporates are adding food security to their CSI allocations, and they are carving out bigger nutrition budgets as the stark reality of hunger shows its face, writes Lynnette Johns.

Public-Private Partnerships Driving Primary Healthcare

Several corporates have introduced initiatives that assist the government in providing healthcare services to those who cannot afford private care, reports Trevor Crighton.

Fence Wrapping Campaign To Raise R72m For Red Cross War Memorial Children’s Hospital

The Children’s Hospital Trust hosted an iconic event on Friday, 14 June 2019, where its attendees wrapped and decorated the Hospital’s fence with an enormous red ribbon.

JSE Opens 2019 Investment Challenge Registrations

The Johannesburg Stock Exchange (JSE) has officially opened registration for its 2019 Investment Challenge.


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CSI Sunday Times

CSI Sunday Times In this issue of CSI, we unpack how a pandemic has redirected traditional corporate social spend. COVID-19 has exposed the inequalities in the world, especially in South Africa where we are also dealing with historical inequalities based on decades of legalised apartheid and centuries of colonialism. Millions of people have lost their… Read more »