CORPORATE PROFILE: Creating A Lasting Legacy

NAOS launches into the African market.

Getting Fit, Staying Well

Forget counting steps. Your smartphone is a gateway to truly useful health information and apps. Tech writer Adam Oxford gives us a quick summary of some of the leading health apps out there.

Become A Rainwater Farmer

Storing rainwater can reduce living costs and relieve the pressure on municipal supplies, writes Georgina Guedes.

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Checking In For A Check-Up

When should you start going for regular check-ups, even if you are not ill? Georgina Guedes finds out.

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Care For The Carers

Many people, by choice or circumstance, have to care for elderly, disabled or ill relatives at home. But this isn’t easy, and carers need to look out for their own health too, writes Mandy Collins.

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The Gift Of Life

Giving blood is one of the easiest ways to do your bit for society. Caryn Gootkin finds out everything you need to know.

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Medical Schemes And The NHI: A Complementary Relationship

South Africa’s healthcare landscape will change significantly once the National Health Insurance (NHI) comes into effect. But experts say medical aids won’t become obsolete. By Miriam Mannak.

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The Dangers Of Self-Medication

Not every ailment requires a doctor – sometimes we can buy meds over the counter at a pharmacy to treat ourselves. But there are some very clear dangers to be aware of when self-medicating, writes Mandy Collins.

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Keeping Healthy Through The Ages

Anthony Sharpe turns his head to the right, coughs, and takes a serious look at how men can stay healthy from their 20s through to their 60s and beyond.

Staying Active In Winter

When it’s cold, it’s easier to chill and watch telly with a bag of popcorn than it is to work out. Tamara Oberholster looks at why it’s worth getting active and how to keep motivated.

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Give Your Body A Boost

Ideally we should all eat food so rich in micronutrients that our immune systems are well nourished. Generally we don’t though, and we need supplements to keep healthy, writes Caryn Gootkin.

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The Real Cost Of Flu

Flu can have serious implications for productivity and profit if significant numbers of the workforce are laid low.

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Teen Players

Here’s how parents can give teens a nudge towards healthy living, writes Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor.

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Ripped & Ready

World champion swimmer Cameron van der Burgh tells Kevin McCallum about what it takes to stay ahead, how working full-time is good for you, and how he’s working on his beach body.


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