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KZN’s Clothing And Textile Industry Is Booming

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Whether you’re interested in fashion, in the business of fashion, or the resident fashionista, there are three very important questions you should consider if you are to make an indelible mark on the pages of current fashion:

South African ERP software system Sync was originally designed around the needs of a successful clothing business in Durban. But today, Sync has firmly established itself as a market leader in apparel ERP and PLM software in South Africa, with over 100 clothing brands and companies now using the system.

Don’t let a lack of belief in your success derail your confidence or your career, writes Nicole Sparrow.

Helping your child to decide what to study is daunting, but the more you know, the easier it is. Melanie Reeder-Powell offers some essential information to get you started.

With CSI forming part of the South African government’s Broad-Based Black Economic Empowerment certification, companies are required to contribute at least 1% of their after-tax profits to the betterment of communities or the environment.

Worryingly, South African credit card fraud picked up by 23% in a year period, according to the latest report published by SABRIC.


Gable Detail

The old stables, solms-delta estate.


June 2015

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If industry gurus and financial fundis are anything to go by, then the global economic slowdown is set to continue its impact for at least the next two years. The question then arises: How do companies ensure constant growth during these challenging times? By ensuring that your value proposition aligns with what the customer wants, explains Weir Minerals Africa’s René Calitz.


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