The Demand For Teaching And Nurturing Entrepreneurs

With SA’s high unemployment figures, more should be done to support entrepreneurs, writes Delia du Toit.

Is This Our New Norm?

Adopting e-learning is probably the smartest way to prepare students for disruptors that promise to change the way we work and live.

Unlocking Youth Potential

Corporate South Africa is working with the government to tackle youth unemployment in South Africa — one job at a time, writes Trevor Crighton.

The Railway Revolution

The Gibela consortium is going beyond the call of duty, by not only delivering on its overall target, but also implementing a range of skills development initiatives that are benefitting thousands of South Africans, writes Dale Hes.

Big Boost For Bid To Create Jobs In KZN

Skills development in KwaZulu-Natal has received a massive boost with the launch of a R7.9-billion set of training programmes expected to benefit almost 160 000 students. Dale Hes reports.

Skills And The Fourth Industrial Revolution

What skills should we be teaching South African students so that they can reap the benefits of the 4IR? Adam Oxford reports.

Transforming The Community

NGOs play a pivotal role in assisting with skills development in South Africa. In Vrygrond in Cape Town, the Sozo Foundation is proving just how much of a positive impact these organisations can make, reports Dale Hes.

The Lack Of Key Skills Is A Critical Issue

Addressing the skills shortage is a crucial step in improving SA’s economy, writes Delia du Toit.

The Evolution Of Mentoring

With technology developing more rapidly than ever before, some organisations are turning to a surprising source of knowledge for up-to-date training, writes Delia du Toit.

The Demand For Teaching And Nurturing Entrepreneurs

With SA’s high unemployment figures, more should be done to support entrepreneurs, writes Delia du Toit.

4IR Impacts Future Skills In-Demand

We are well into the fourth industrial revolution that is fundamentally changing the way we live, work and relate to one another. Jermaine Craig reports.

The Future Of Transport

Megan Ellis speaks to the CEO of the Transport Education Training Authority about the skills needed for logistics in the future.

Having The Right Facilitators

Megan Ellis looks at why change management is a vital skillset for keeping businesses innovating.

Make The Most Of Corporate Social Responsibility

Social responsibility policies can enhance a company’s brand perception, but do they attract better, hard-working employees too? Tiisetso Tlelima finds out.

New Approach To An Old Problem

Adam Oxford looks at initiatives which provide initiatives that are opening up new avenues to training.

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Where Are The Real Skills Shortages?

South Africa has a skills shortage, says Kerry Dimmer. But are we training for the jobs in demand?

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In Defence Of The Humanities

With the nation focused on addressing the shortage of STEM skills, Anthony Sharpe ponders the state – and status – of the humanities.

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What Does The Future Hold For Jobs In Mining?

With the mining industry in flux, what does it mean for ordinary workers? Carolyn de Kock examines what skills will be at the forefront of a modernising sector.

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The Value Of Work Experience

For job seekers, work experience is gold. Georgina Guedes looks at why internships lay such important groundwork for future careers.

Should Everyone Code?

In the “fourth industrial revolution”, everything will be digitised. Does that mean programming is an essential skill for every job, asks Carolyn de Kock.