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Loyalty & Rewards

Customer loyalty programmes in South Africa generate an estimated R12-billion per annum, with more than 10 million South Africans carrying at least one loyalty card. (Figures from the International Business & Economics Journal – December 2013.) Considering this and the significant financial contribution that this sector has towards the national GDP, the Sunday Times Rewards and Loyalty SA publication will present an in-depth look at the local rewards and loyalty industry.

Sunday Times Loyalty & Rewards SA will allow respective role players to showcase their contributions and initiatives in the sector, and educate our vast reader base in the following categories:

  • Gamification loyalty
  • Hospitality
  • CSR initiatives linked to loyalty
  • Customer and data analytics
  • Retail
  • Financial services
  • Food services/restaurants
  • Travel
  • Mobile services
  • Health and wellness

Brands are becoming more and more important in today’s competitive economic environment, and Sunday Times Rewards and Loyalty SA will be designed to afford role players the opportunity to explain their systems to potential consumers, with a view to increasing their market share.

Similarly, the publication could be used to impart the relevant knowledge to end users, thus increasing their awareness and financial literacy.