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Today Timberlife is one of the leading manufactures and suppliers of a wide range of more than 50 different timber treatment products, many of which are not only unique in the local market, but also internationally.
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Timberlife, a South African owned company operating from its factory in Silverton, Pretoria, was founded in 1993.

Apart from our comprehensive range of wood preservative and wood finishing products, Timberlife specialises in the development of wood protection products, especially for timber that is exposed to our harsh South African weather conditions. Not only are these products simple to apply but follow-up maintenance is also quick and easy with minimum labour involved.

Before deciding on what product to use to provide the optimum protection for your timber as well as other desired qualities of importance, the following questions need to be addressed:

  • Should it provide protection against wood borer/termite attack and/or fungal decay and discoloration?
  • Should it provide protection against UV degradation caused by sunlight exposure, control moisture uptake and loss to reduce wood movement that may cause cracking and splitting?
  • Should it provide protection against mechanical wear, fire, etc?
  • Should it have decorative properties, like providing a finish with an aesthetic appearance?
  • Should it have one, or a combination of the above desired properties?

Not only does our product range cover all the above requirements but we also provide a comprehensive technical backup service to all our customers, helping them to select the right products for the desired job and to ensure that the product is correctly applied and maintained.

The cornerstones of Timberlife’s success have always been to supply quality products at an affordable price, backed up by the best possible service and technical support.

Technical information, product data sheets and material safety data sheets are also available to further assist you in making the right product choice.

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