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The South African Schools Collection Archive

Self-injury taking its toll

Image: ©iStock - Teenage girl with a razor blade

In an ever-changing world where teenagers and young adolescents are increasingly confronted with new challenges, peer pressure, demanding relationships and the like, the growing phenomenon of self-harm as a means of regulating their emotions comes as no surprise.

Curro’s Strong Financial Performance Leads to Long-Term Rating Upgrade by GCR

Eyal Shevel. (©google).

Global Credit Ratings (GCR) has upgraded the long term national scale rating assigned to Curro Holdings Limited to BBB(ZA) ,with the short term rating affirmed at A3(ZA), and the outlook accorded as Stable.

How To Choose A Career At School

Image: iStock

Helping your child to decide what to study is daunting, but the more you know, the easier it is. Melanie Reeder-Powell offers some essential information to get you started.

Happy Meals

Eating well is crucial to a child’s performance at school

Nutrition plays a vital role in healthy performance at school, says Mandy Collins.

How To Find The Right School For Your Child


South Africa has some excellent schools, writes Frank Rumboll, principal at Cedar House in Cape Town. But how do you find the best fit for your children?

Reading Is A Building Block For Success

By Georgina Guedes

Being able to read well doesn’t just provide an edge in languages; it allows children to excel academically and socially. They just need access to books.

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