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The Most Secure Burglar Alarm Sensor Available

When it comes to affordable alarm sensors currently on the market, the options are very limited.
Image: Armed Bars Image: Armed Bars

This is especially the case when looking for a sensor with 24/7 active alarm monitoring protection, or a combination of a physical barrier and an alarm system. Areas with high humidity, such as bathrooms, are especially difficult to protect with normal alarm sensors.

In the past, one would either have to install both physical barriers and/or alarm sensors which could prove quite costly.

With an alarm sensor, an intruder has already entered your personal space by the time the alarm sounds and has time to do or take whatever they

With a physical barrier, an intruder usually only has some time on hand to cut or break through before entering an area that might be protected by an alarm sensor. This means that an intruder is already inside your space and has a few minutes to do or take what they want.DIY-Burglar-Bars_2_Xpanda-Real-Security1[1]

With the Armed Bars, a “World First” transparent physical barrier with an integrated 24/7-armed alarm sensor, both yourself and your security company will be warned before an intruder is able to enter your home or office.

The Armed Bars is a physical transparent burglar bar with a carefully inserted wire into both sides of the bar. This wire is not visible to the naked eye when looking through the bar, and creates the ultimate security barrier.  The Armed Bars are available in both security gates and transparent burglar bars.

Not only will the Armed Bars save you money, it will also delay or even stop the intruder from entering your private space. Armed Bars can protect you in every room in your house, even in bathrooms which experience high humidity.

Should an intruder try to cut, break or burn the polycarbonate bars connected to your window or door, the wire will break within the first 1mm and the alarm will sound.

The intruder is thankfully still on the outside, the armed response team is already on its way and the occupants of the house/office are alerted allowing them time to call for help and/or prepare to defend themselves – “It Calls for Help When You Can’t”.

With the Armed Bars, there are no accidental false alarms. And in the case of an emergency when the signal is sent and the alarm sounds, both you and your security company know that the threat is real and can act accordingly.

For further information on Armed Bars, visit our website on or call us on 0861 444 789.

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