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Swarovski’s Fall/Winter 2017/18 Innovations Revealed

SPONSORED: With a particular focus on sustainability, the theme is The Nature of Us, and it includes a special partnership with Céline Cousteau called the Tribute to Tribe collection, which perfectly encapsulates the theme.

Sustainability has always been at the heart of Swarovski’s philosophy, as evidenced by the CLEAR compliance program, the Advance Crystal standard, and the Swarovski Waterschool program.

Designer Edition: Céline Cousteau’s Tribute to Tribe Collection

Now Swarovski has partnered with Céline Cousteau, granddaughter of legendary ocean explorer Jacques-Yves Cousteau, on a second special crystal collection: Tribute to Tribe. Famous for her commitment to protecting the world’s oceans, the renowned filmmaker and environmentalist is also the spokesperson for an indigenous tribe in the Brazilian Amazon whose mission is to preserve their ecosystem. Cousteau’s designs are inspired by tribal decorations painted or tattooed on bare skin, which express coexistence with nature, and include the new Oval Tribe Fancy Stone, the Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone, and the Cross Tribe Pendant.

The four sub-themes that make up The Nature of Us:

Soul Food (Classic)

Designs have a pure and humble feel, where form follows function: A stripped-back, gender-neutral, Scandinavian aesthetic prevails, highlighting the beauty of clean lines. This is reflected in the versatile new Oval Rivoli Fancy Stone, which complements looks of refined simplicity, and the Framed Cabachon, which captures today’s easy, comfortable shapes and clever mixing of materials. The new Crystal Shiny Lacquer PRO colours include Crystal Ivory Cream and Crystal Dark Red, with their sense of heritage and authenticity, beautifully matched by Crystal Iridescent Red Pearl.

Work Life (Progressive)

As robotics become part of the workplace, a new mindset is evolving. Designers are humanising these hard-edged elements with a pastel-inspired palette and the addition of  fun crystal elements. The Alpha, Beta and Gamma Flat Backs from the new Combination Triangle Family introduce a contemporary individualism with humble detailing that shimmers on everything from modern office wear to leisure looks. The new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO effects merge toned-down shine with polished sophistication in the contemporary Crystal Dark Grey, while the classic gem colours of Crystal Royal Red and Crystal Royal Blue add a sense of reassuring timelessness to eclectic styles.

Travel Age (Romantic)

The desire to discover remote destinations and their cultures stimulates a new design ethos, where global references are mixed to create a contemporary appreciation of the faraway and the unknown. Céline Cousteau’s Tribute to Tribe collection, with its focus on ornaments with symbolic meaning, captures this multicultural spirit. The Oval Tribe Fancy Stone, the Rhombus Tribe Fancy Stone, and the Cross Tribe Pendant designed by Céline Cousteau are all tribal-inspired. They invite us to embrace a multicultural, sustainable future, expressed by Swarovski in the emerald-like Crystal Royal Green from the new Crystal Shiny LacquerPRO range.

Party Spirit (Glamour)

A younger, more irreverent attitude is reflected in rebellious design statements. The rise of festival fashion is evident in the way the standout style of yesterday’s music legends is communicated in contemporary looks: Leather, chains, beads and crystals combine to influence gender-fluid designs where nothing is out of bounds—the message is: Be whoever you want to be. This modern, individualistic glamour is perfectly conveyed in the new Kite Fancy Stone and the glam-rock, unisex feel of the Female and Male Symbol Fancy Stones. Meanwhile, the metallic lustre of the new Crystal Rainbow Dark effect offers an edginess that is perfectly in tune with the concept of gender-neutral glamour.

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