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ST Healthy Times Archive

Medical Aid Waiting Periods And Late-Joiner Penalties: What. How. Why.

Image: Gerhard van Emmenis - Principal Officer, Bonitas Medical Fund

Now is the time of year when people re-evaluate their existing medical cover and opt for new schemes, new plans or join a medical aid for the first time.

Healthy Heart: Understanding Angina

Image: ©iStock

If you ever experienced a sudden, sharp pain on your left side, you may have worried that you were about to have a heart attack. But it may just be angina, says Lisa Witepski.

Thinking Of Investing Your Bonus? Here’s How…

Image: ©Unsplash

Just received your bonus and wondering what would be the best way to get the most out of it? African Bank’s Group Executive: Sales, Branch Network, Mellony Ramalho, highly recommends investing it.

Natural Complication

Holistic healthcare

Consumers opting for complementary and alternative medicines and supplements are spoilt for choice, writes Caryn Gootkin, but how can they be sure that what they’re buying is safe?

OTC Meds: The Codeine Connection

Image: ©iStock

Addiction doesn’t apply only to ‘hardcore’ drugs such as cocaine, heroin and crystal meth. That cough mixture or painkiller you picked up at the pharmacy can be just as addictive if it contains codeine, writes Mandy Collins.

True Grit

Image: ©Christoph Hoffmann

At 48, football legend and South African icon Lucas Radebe has stared down many brutal trials, including a heart attack and the death of his beloved first wife. He’s still standing. Nia Magoulianiti-McGregor finds out the secret to his unflinching emotional and physical resilience.

Interview with Dr. Eduardo Barragán

Image: ©iStock

An interview was conducted with Dr. Barragán on his revolutionary findings on medication for ADHD.

Black Gold

By: Tiana Cline
Image: ©iStock

Is charcoal the new coconut oil?

Eat Well And Prolong Your Life

Image: ©iStock

According to AllLife’s medical experts, malnutrition is one of the major complications of HIV/AIDS and a significant factor in advancing the disease.

Top Five Savings Tips

Image: ©iStock

July was national savings month but in today’s economy saving can be tough, especially when you experience the month-end phenomenon known as “too much month at the end of your money.”

Keep Your Pets Safe This Summer

Images: ©iStock & ©Unsplash

Higher temperatures outdoors can mean more visits to the vet. Here are some ways to keep your pets healthy during the warmer months.

Youth Debt Crisis – A Cause For Concern

Image: ©iStock

Based on these stats, the Credit Ombud office recently carried out a survey with 250 young people and confirmed there is indeed reason for concern.

Your Best Holiday Yet

Image: ©iStock

Sometimes it feels as if we do holidays wrong; we arrive home tired, overweight and unfit. Tamara Oberholster finds out how to make your next holiday do what it’s supposed to do: leave you feeling revitalised and ready to take on the world.

Primary Healthcare

Image: ©iStock

Pandemic outbreaks in emerging markets have a severe socio-economic toll.

Teens – Get Money Smart

Image: Alfred Ramosedi, African Bank Group Executive: Sales and Marketing

You are young, full of energy and life has countless possibilities. “Now is the perfect time to get smart about money because what you do now will have long-term positive effects on your life,” says Alfred Ramosedi.

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