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SA Mining - Columns Archive

Are We Shaft-Sinkers Or Shaft-Fillers?

Peter Major, Cadiz Corporate Solutions mining specialist

Since Einstein’s time scientists have told us that nothing can go faster than the speed of light. But they go mum when one asks: “But, can the converse be true?” “Are there certain things in our universe that always go faster but can never go ‘slower’ than the speed of light?” Likewise – central bankers […]

Growth Or Demise? The Future Of SA’s Coal Sector

By Peter Major, Cadiz Corporate Solutions mining specialist

In 2014, South Africa produced about $11bn worth of coal, $8bn worth of platinum group metals and $6bn each of gold and iron ore.  Coal was king by a mile. Yet our coal, the most valuable South African commodity of the past few years (and maybe decades), warrants hardly a mention in the international media compared […]

Innovation Is The Key

Craig Terblanche, Director at OutSystems South Africa

With today’s budget restraints, especially in the mining sector, it seems virtually impossible for information technology (IT) to meet all business demands. Therefore, IT needs to respond rapidly and innovate in order to stay relevant.

Empowering The Mining Industry: Lessons From The Last 10 Years

By Otsile Matlou, director and head of ENSafrica’s mining department

The South African mining industry adopted a historical broad-based socio-economic empowerment charter for the South African Mining Industry (Mining Charter) in October 2002.

Pursuing Compliance And Collaboration In Tough Times

By Roger Dixon from SRK Consulting

Tough economic conditions are forcing mines to reduce costs, but compliance burdens are becoming heavier. Something has to give, unless there is more constructive collaboration between the private sector and government.

Pitfalls Arising From The Financial Provision For Mining Rehabilitation

By Gerdus van Zyl, tax manager at ENSafrica

Mining companies generally make financial provision for rehabilitation by virtue of rehabilitation trusts or financial guarantees through a financial institution or lately, insurance policies. Although a deduction can be claimed for contributions to a rehabilitation trust and the income in such rehabilitation trusts is exempt, cash-strapped mining companies in the current economic environment are finding it tough to contribute the required amount of cash to the rehabilitation trusts.

President Zuma’s Last Chance To Save Gold Mining In SA

By Peter Major, Cadiz Corporate Solutions mining specialist

A momentous few days for South African mining occurred this month, particularly on 9 October. The South African government and the country’s largest mining union and major mining companies gathered at two different venues and told each other – and the audience, country and the world – how important mining was to South Africa, and […]

Does The Answer To Mineworker Harmony Lie In A Simple Mobile Phone?

Gysbert Kappers, CEO of Wyzetalk

The mining industry remains in the spotlight as it continues to feel the pressure of mounting internal and external factors that influence results, market economies and workforce relations. There will always be external influences impacting the operating environment, and I’m no expert on those, so let’s focus our attention on workforce relations? How much strife […]

The Time To Invest Is Now

By Nico Pienaar, director of the Aggregate and Sand Producers Association of Southern Africa (Aspasa)

South African companies in the quarrying industry should consider investing in the growth of their businesses right now, as the world and local economies drag themselves out of a prolonged slump and edge towards improved growth. On the heels of the country’s fifth successfully run election, and a flood of positive data from leading economists, […]

Managing Resettlement For Future Mine Sustainability

By Robert Gyamfi, Community Relations and Social Responsibility Manager of Golden Star (Bogoso/Prestea) Limited

Laws regulating the resettlement of communities for mining projects may be poorly defined, such that if they are used literally, then neither the mining company nor the community are protected. This could result in delays to approvals that may affect the viability of operations or development projects. Resettling communities is a negotiated process whereby the […]

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