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Reunion Island – A Collaboration Sees New Records For Tourism

The Reunion Island Tourism Board (IRT), the Reunion Federation of Tourism (FRT) and the Vanilla Islands are proud to present the results of a long-standing collaboration, aimed at increasing tourism numbers associated with island cruises.
Image: Reunion Island Image: Reunion Island

The projected schedule for cruises taking place between 2017/2018 was inaugurated with the arrival of two ships on October 26; the Costa Neoriviera and MSC Sinfonia which docked in Reunion Island and saw 3 500 passengers and crew members disembark to explore the bountiful wonders the island has to offer. It has been estimated that no less than fifty cruiseliners will stop-over between October 2017 and April 2018, making it a record-breaking season compared to this year’s 27 total stopovers.

The growing interest in Reunion Island will see a further boom in tourism for the island with tourists from Europe, South Africa as well as Australia, expressing an increased interest in visiting Reunion Island. Visitors disembarking from their cruise to explore what Reunion Island has to offer will be met by experienced travel guides at the Pointe des Galets and taken on a journey to the ultimate destination.

This collaboration that spans across the various sectors of Reunion Island, has given way to economic growth for locals and all participating establishments on the island. Tourism professionals have benefitted from introducing tourists to the vast experiences the island has to offer. Visitors from the cruises get to indulge their senses with delicious traditional Creole cuisine while getting their adrenaline pumping with some of the thrilling activities available on this oceanic gem.

The IRT for its part welcomes the growing number of visitors to the destination and will maintain a strong media presence to support the growth observed in 2017.

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